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By | December 24, 2017

Bars? Power engineering? Powders? Pills? It is difficult to understand, we know. Therefore, our fitness expert Dmitry Smirnov has prepared for you an instruction on the choice and use of popular in Russia products of so-called sports nutrition.

Using my 12 years of coaching experience (and 25 years of experience in independent training), I will make you an expert in sports nutrition. Lesson one – never use the phrase “sports nutrition”. This supplements, “supplements”, and this word is more consistent with the main task of such products – to close holes in your diet, the lack of certain vitamins, microelements, amino acids and other things (believe me, such lacuna is in everyone). Consumers of sports supplements, I would conditionally divided into two groups:

1. You have long and persistently (3-4 times a week without passes) to train for a specific result – for example, you dream to shake a bar weighing 150 kg or run a marathon 42 km 195 m. You can and need much of what will be discussed below. I will offer specific sets of sports supplements for each task (see “Recipes”).

2. Beginners, even if they persistently train, – in the first six months you should manage only proteins of both types: “fast” before breakfast, “long” for the night. They make up for the deficiency of protein that any Russian man has. The same diet I recommend to those people who go to the gym once a week, “for themselves” (although if you have excess weight – first consult a dietician).

Well, I recommend that both cardiovascular and chondroprotectors be taken (consulted by a doctor), regardless of the training program. We pass on to the powders and bars. If any product known to you in this material is missing, it means that I consider it unnecessary.

1. Protein

Product: Powders

For what: Protein is often drunk right after training, saying: “Muscle mass, muscle mass!” But without carbohydrates, which everyone forgets, the powdered protein in the matter of instant muscle building is practically useless. Use it, just to make up for the overall lack of protein. The body will find where to attach it, for example, make testosterone from it. Proteins are “fast” and “long”. The first are biologically more accessible and instantly provide your body with energy and building material. The second give the protein gradually, within a few hours. To distinguish them is not difficult: any whey is “fast”. Any combination containing casein protein (casein) is “long”.

How to take: “Fast” protein is consumed in the morning (1 portion of minutes for 20 before breakfast) and immediately after training for fat burning. I am generally a strong supporter of predominantly protein breakfast, it allows you to gently raise the blood sugar level after a night’s sleep and further unwind the metabolism. “Long” drink after 30-90 minutes after the last meal, at night, so that the body’s proteins are at hand even in sleep.

I recommend: Of those sports supplements that my customers have encountered, I can recommend a “quick” Zero Carb from VPX for breakfast. At night from the heart I recommend “Infusion” from the company SAN. True, it is more than protein – such products are called “food substitute”. It includes different types of protein (which are digested at different times and therefore provide your body with food all night), as well as vitamins and a dosed amount of carbohydrates, which does not harm the figure.

2. Complex amino acids

Product: capsules, tablets, caplets

For what: Strongly I doubt that in products with such names there are many amino acids. Rather, it is an ordinary “fast” protein, only in a convenient packing. On the road or after a long night in an ambush near the enemy, where it is impossible to get a shaker, this is a good substitute for a protein cocktail.

How to take: In any training mode, except for hypertrophy, 2-3 tablets 2-3 times a day, as a replacement for protein powders. And in the midst of a long hypertrophy program – 3 tablets twice a day, you can eat or eat, and you will also drink protein.

I recommend: Hardlabz Aminoz. Just keep in mind that the stomach and intestines of not all people calmly tolerate “aminki”, taken on an empty stomach. If this is your case, try to eat it with food.

3. Gainer

Product: powder

Why: My favorite product! The combination of easily assimilable proteins and carbohydrates contributes not only to rapid mass gain, but also provides a hurricane of energy before training, and also significantly accelerates recovery after.

How to take: In training days for 30-45 minutes before training and immediately after. In days of rest 1 serving in the afternoon. In the training of endurance can be three times a day: before and after training, as well as at night. And never eat a geyner for breakfast! Weight in this case, you will grow exclusively on the sides.

It is worth remembering

No creatine with a protein will ever fix technical mistakes and will not help with a lack of sleep. In addition, be aware that no additives can replace a full, regular and healthy diet. And do not forget that even harmless and certified products, if applied unreasonably and excessively, can cause irreparable damage to health. If you suffer from food allergies, metabolic disorders, diabetes, chronic heart disease, kidney, liver or GI tract, you should always consult an adequate, qualified doctor before taking any sports nutrition.


Form release: tablets, capsules, powder

For what: BCAA is also amino acids, but only three: isoleucine, leucine and valine. According to a number of studies, skeletal muscles are the most common. I use BCAA (and I advise you to do the same) to lose much less muscle in a “fat burning” period or period aimed at developing endurance.

How to take: When training – 5 capsules before and immediately after training. In days of rest 2 capsules together with usual meals.

5. L-Carnitine

Form release: tablets, capsules, ampoules

Why: Carnitine makes it easier for your body to access fat stores. I’m not ready to argue that L-carnitine helps to lose weight, but it actually increases stamina and has a beneficial effect on the health of the cardiovascular system.

How to take: 1 tablet 2 times a day with food, when you train endurance or strength. And with any type of training, if you feel that the heart is experiencing heavy loads (for example, on a hot summer day).

6. Creatine

Product: powder, tablets, capsules

For what: Creatine is the precursor of creatine phosphate (CF) – one of the main sources of energy for muscle work. KF provides exceptionally short-term power-based work (first 3-5 repetitions in bench press, for example). It is generally believed that the intake of creatine-containing supplements can increase strength. In some, this is true, but on the organisms of others this additive has no effect. Try – suddenly this food is in you.

How to take: 2-3 g once a day, you can together with the geynerom. Just be sure to drink after drinking at least three glasses of plain water. Creatine has an unpleasant ability to absorb liquid, which can lead to spasms, bloating and even injury to connective tissue, for which normal water saturation is extremely important.

7. Glutamine

Form release: powder, granules, capsules

For what: With large physical loads, the reserves of glutamine in the body are depleted, and this negatively affects the immunity and reduces the recovery ability. Therefore, if you have more than 5 training hours per week, you should use this supplement.

How to take: At a dose of 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening 15 minutes before eating – and you will recover normally, it is easier to bear the load and less to ache.

8. Power engineering

Product: “jars”, powder

Why: Another one of my favorite product! A high-quality power engineer at the same time spurts your mood, sports enthusiasm and healthy aggression. During strength training, such a product is paramount. Just keep in mind – these are special sports power engineering, which are sold in special sports nutrition stores! They almost no sugar, but there are substances that support the health of the cardiovascular system. With energy drinks from the supermarket they have little in common.

How to take: Just half a small bottle, drunk 30-45 minutes before training – and you’re ready to beat any records! However, I do not recommend drinking energy before every training (maximum 1-2 times a week), and in any case do not drink more than one piece per day.

What should the powders interfere with?

Proteins and heyners can be interfered with with normal non-mineral and non-carbonated water, freshly squeezed or packaged juice, and also with milk. For geynera the best option – water, in combination with juice or milk, the amount of carbohydrates and calories in the mixture will be greatly off scale. Protein powder will tolerate any liquid from the above, except that milk should be selected the least fat. By the way, if your intestines do not tolerate milk, you can bravely interfere with protein on … kefir. But all other powders, especially creatine, can only be interfered with with water, and they should be drunk immediately – in the liquid form, the additives are least chemically stable.

9. Testosterone boosters

Product: capsules

For what. To the additives, which increase the level of testosterone, the attitude of doctors and ordinary people, as a rule, is absolutely negative. Obviously, because they are confused with hormone doping. However, boosters do not pump you with excess hormones, but only gently increase the secretion of internal, own testosterone. From the point of view of physiology, this means “looking younger” for several years, especially if you are over thirty. If you are 17-22 and you are healthy, you can safely do without this additive – hormones in you and so in bulk!

How to take: The most useful quality of testosterone boosters is their stimulating effect on glucose metabolism. Therefore, in my opinion, it is most reasonable to use them when you try to get rid of excess fat. 2 capsules 2 times a day with meals.

10. Protein Bars

Form: you will laugh, but these are bars!

For what: Perhaps the most convenient source of protein and? Carbohydrates: you do not need to interfere or drink – ripped the package and eat it! Use to suppress the hunger between the main meals.

How to use. A couple of quality bars steadily repel interest in food at exactly 3 hours even for such an eternally hungry swallow as I do. But the daily rate, according to my observations, no more than 2-3 bars. If you exceed the dose, you may start having problems with your appetite!

On health

There is also a whole range of sports supplements and near-medications that you can use in your diet, regardless of the goals that you pursue at a certain point in time.


They should be taken before training in the hot season and during periods of endurance training. These include the already described L-carnitine, as well as drugs containing potassium and magnesium – substances responsible for the smooth functioning of the heart. For example, aspartate of potassium and magnesium.

Vitamins and minerals

With the opinion prevailing among athletes and a number of trainers, I do not agree on the need to take high doses of vitamins. Therefore, as a coach, I prefer trivial pharmacy multivitamins in a normal dosage. Typically, this is one serving immediately after breakfast. For taking extra, supposedly useful athlete / pitching vitamins – C, E and B individually – I? Do not ratuyu. Multivitamins are more than enough!


The American trainers have a good saying: “You will not go in for sports – you will get to the cardiologist. You will go in for sports – you will get to the orthopedist! “To the last part of this wonderful phrase has not touched you, regularly take chondroprotectors – additives that facilitate the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue and the restoration of the ligament apparatus as a whole. Even if you go to the gym rarely or do not go at all, chondroprotectors should be drunk to prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system. How often? This information should be in the instructions for use.

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