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Push-ups – an exercise that will help work out the triceps, chest muscles, shoulders. They do not require special equipment and special skills. By learning to do 100 push-ups per day, you will not only bring your ideal to the ideal, but also get a number of additional benefits, which we will talk about.

Functional Improvements and Full Body Workout

Push-ups activate large muscle groups, in particular, the chest, shoulders, triceps, arms, and also involves the muscles of the lower back. Working on these muscles will make you stronger.

Testosterone levels

With age, the amount of the hormone testosterone in the body decreases, this negatively affects the condition of the body and can cause the development of some diseases. Regular exercise, including push-ups, is able to maintain testosterone levels in the body, thereby slowing down the aging process.

Increase muscle mass

Muscle mass allows you to burn excess calories faster, but with age its amount decreases and the process of getting rid of excess calories slows down.

Regular push-ups allow you to maintain and increase muscle mass. For maximum effect, we recommend alternating push-ups with other exercises, such as squats.

Great top

When doing push-ups, you use the main muscles of the upper half of the body. You need to keep your back straight so that you work out your abs muscles. In addition, with push-ups, you tone your chest muscles, triceps and shoulders.

Positive effect on the cardiovascular system

During push-ups, your heart often contracts and pumps a large amount of oxygen-rich blood into muscle tissue. Thus, you improve the state of the cardiovascular system.

Muscle tone of the body

Push-ups stimulate not only the press, but also the muscles of the pelvis, abdominal cavity and lower back. If you are new to sports and just want to increase your strength, then push-ups are the best option for this.

Good posture

During push-ups, you simultaneously strengthen the muscles that are responsible for even posture. Try to keep the body in an even position during execution, so you will not only positively affect the back, but also make the body more balanced.

No need for auxiliary equipment

This exercise can be performed anywhere; you do not need any additional equipment. Thus, push-ups allow you to bring your shape in order without unnecessary cash costs.

Physical fitness

When push-ups, you strengthen the top, which in the future will help you seamlessly go to strength training with large weights. 100 push-ups per day will not make you super-strong , but your form will definitely improve and you will feel more active and strong.

Strengthening Bones and Improving Sleep

Aging is accompanied by a loss in bone density, with regular push-ups, you can delay this condition. This exercise increases overall strength and bone mass.

And regular physical activity gives vigor throughout the day and makes a night’s rest more quality.

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