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How to learn endurance

Of course, a lot depends on a person’s temperament. That is why emotional people justify their not-so-beautiful behavior with such arguments: “Well, what can I do, I am naturally hot, you can’t argue with her.” However, with the will and perseverance, even such a person may well learn to control their emotions. To do this, he needs… Read More »

Psychological protection

For many, psychological defense is a way of responding to aggression or a decent way out of a conflict situation. But this skill is acquired with experience, and even then not by everyone. There are defense mechanisms in our psyche, laid down by nature. These are primary defense methods. In this way, our psyche reacts to traumatic situations and… Read More »

Harmful to the skin

Today we will tell you about what is bad for your skin and what you should and shouldn’t do so that your skin is always healthy, clean and looks young, so: One of the most dangerous things for your face is a dirty pillowcase. It accumulates a huge amount of bacteria, dirt and your own old… Read More »

Healthy and beautiful hair

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is always admired by others. How to determine how healthy your hair is, whether it requires additional care and nutrition? They are elastic Hair weakened by improper brushing, coloring, and frequent use of styling equipment can cause hair to loose its firmness, tangle and break. Brittleness indicates that the hair cannot retain moisture, has… Read More »

How to take a bath?

Many of us love to take a bath. This procedure is very relaxing, tones and improves mood. In addition to these pleasures, you can get a lot of benefits from the process, but if you adhere to some rules. It is better and more correct to take a bath in the evening, after a hard and busy… Read More »

Cheat sheet for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Good health, friends! I will not scatter for a long time about the benefits of weekly planning, because this is a key topic in all fashionable books on time management and self-improvement. One thing I can say for sure – it works. Therefore, for quite a long time, I have been haunted by the desire to create an… Read More »

Taking care of your health turned out to be harmful to the environment

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have calculated that eating US Department of Health recommended foods – fruits, vegetables, dairy products and seafood – leads to increased environmental damage. On average, in terms of calories consumed, these foods require more resources to grow or harvest, and result in higher greenhouse gas emissions than, for example, meat or bacon. “Eating lettuce… Read More »

Scientists build statistics on teen alcohol consumption via Instagram

Teens voluntarily documenting their personal lives with the help of photos on Instagram became unwitting participants in an experiment to study alcohol habits. Researchers at the University of Rochester have found it much easier to research alcohol addiction, brand popularity and other details, using learning algorithms and social media. Using neural networks and computer image recognition technologies, researchers… Read More »