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Checklist: 8 Things You Shouldn’t Hear From a Coach

The desire to play sports is good, but when you want to exercise under the supervision of a professional it is even better. The coach should help you understand the basics of the discipline, be it swimming or training in the gym, talk about the technique and how to achieve the desired results, and also help to avoid injury. True, in reality this is not always the case – at a… Read More »

Under 30: How childhood affects our adult life

“IT’S ALL FROM CHILDHOOD” is a common phrase to explain a variety of things. Childhood really affects life much more than we realize . Scientists have found that even DNA can change at this time, affecting what diseases and when a person will develop in adulthood. The study, which involved five hundred Filipinos, followed from birth to twenty-one, showed that certain situations and factors from childhood can lead to the modification of genes associated with inflammation. We figure out which things are… Read More »

Checklist: 10 things that await a person on intuitive nutrition

An intuitive approach to nutrition is increasingly being recommended as opposed to dieting. We talked about what it is and how intuitive eating helps to change the attitude towards your own body. Anna Korytina has been following this approach for six years now and tells you what to expect from yourself and those around you if you decide to give it a try. You will learn to be… Read More »

Acne and Calluses : Why We Pick Our Skin And Can’t Stop 

MOST OF US know that inflammation or sores on SKIN is better not to touch it, but I guess every once provided in a situation where the stop was impossible, and barely noticeable pimple because of attempts by him to get rid of in a matter of minutes turned into a bright spot. Sometimes the situation is completely out of control, and a person has been trying for… Read More »

How to prepare for sex during your period 

TOPICS RELATED TO MENSTRUATION ARE EVERYTHING LESS SILENT , but fears and doubts still prevent many from deciding on penetrative sex during menstruation . Is it bad for your health? Will it alienate your partner? How to have fun without messing everything up? We answer these questions in a material prepared in collaboration with FREEDOM ® – a brand of super soft tampons without a string. Ask yourself what you want  Sex is voluntary. It’s okay if you only need a platonic relationship during… Read More »

Mosquitoes, saliva and pharmaceutical companies: 10 myths about HIV 

ALTHOUGH HIV INFECTION HAS BEEN SPEAKED ACTIVELY IN THE EIGHTY, it is believed that the first case of human infection with the immunodeficiency virus occurred back in 1959. Since then, the disease has turned from an inevitably fatal to a chronic one, and there are many more drugs that effectively suppress the virus. Nevertheless, questions and misconceptions around HIV… Read More »

Squeezing the Most Out of Sleep: What You Can Do For Yourself at Night

Why sleep at all Incredible, but true: although sleep affects all systems and processes in the body, including the work of the heart and brain, immunity and mood, its biological function is still not entirely clear. From an evolutionary point of view, sleep ( at least in this amount) seems useless – with it, our ancestors wasted time that they could spend searching for food, and exposed themselves to dangers such as… Read More »