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A beautiful body should be slim, but not exhausted. Muscles are called upon to create the necessary relief – not overdeveloped, but in good shape. Therefore, diets and workouts should burn fat without affecting muscle tissue. How to understand that something went wrong and your muscles are rapidly decreasing?

It’s hard for you to do even basic exercises

If you have always been sturdy enough, but suddenly feel weak and tired, this may be due to loss of muscle tissue. It is she who maintains the bone structure, activates energy exchange and supports the body in good shape.

A person who has reached a certain degree of exhaustion cannot walk for a long time, climb stairs and perform normal household chores, he is forced to constantly interrupt and rest.

This condition can be caused by an extreme diet with minimal protein and fat. You lose weight, but the figure takes on the recognizable shape of skinny fat – skin with a small layer of fat, loose-fitting bones.

Sudden weight loss

To lose 1 kg of fat, you have to spend 7000 kilocalories. This is a long process, even with restrictions on nutrition and training, losing a kilogram will be possible no earlier than in 1-2 weeks. If you are rapidly losing weight, this may mean one thing – your muscles burn. They are heavier than fat and the loss is faster noticeable on the scales.

A sharp decrease in muscle mass occurs with minimal physical exertion, accompanied by significant restrictions in the diet – for example, mono- diets . It is very difficult to restore muscle tissue, but you can bring yourself to atrophy in a matter of weeks.

Training has ceased to be fun

You enthusiastically engaged in the gym, achieved certain results, but suddenly felt an aversion to training? Loss of muscle mass causes the body to turn on the economy. Energy will be spent on maintaining the basic functions of the body, and motivation for exercise will drop.

If you cannot force yourself to go to the gym or go for a run, analyze your condition. It might be worth revising your class schedule: regular breaks are needed to restore muscle. The optimal schedule is 2 intensive or 3 more moderate loads per week.

You stopped building muscle

If you exercise with sufficient load, but have stopped seeing results in the mirror and on the scales, this may indicate a plateau effect. The time has come to review the curriculum and conduct a small test. Try to perform one exercise the maximum number of times in one repeat and analyze your well-being at the beginning and at the end of the set.

The inability to perform movements with the usual amplitude or to do another exercise should alert. Muscles lose their tone, in the future their mass may decrease. Contact your trainer: he will choose the program suitable for your physical form.

Intellectual fatigue and memory problems

Periodic clouding of consciousness and memory lapses may indicate a lack of energy. The brain needs up to 20% of the incoming calories, otherwise it will go into energy saving mode. In this state, he is not capable of solving complex problems, you quickly feel tired, drowsy, dizziness is possible.

Noticing the first signs of mental fatigue, pay attention to the state of the body. An organism that has switched to an economy mode will draw energy from all possible sources, including muscles. If the brain lacks nutrients, muscle mass is likely to be in critical condition. Take urgent measures: a balanced diet and dosed physical activity will restore muscles and provide clarity of mind.

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