Motivating Fasting: 10 Ways to Come Back to Life After the Holidays

By | May 21, 2021

And although scientists continue to assure that, with all the unconditional benefits of vacation, too much rest is more harmful than useful, after ten relaxed days I somehow do not really want to believe in it.

On the other hand, chances are high that in two weeks you managed to get tired of meetings with relatives, heavy food, alcohol and music with bells – now annoying rather than inspiring. Not to mention other triggers, of which there are more than it seems. So that the transition from holidays to work, school and any other weekdays does not turn into a nightmare, we advise you to read this instruction.

How to stop overeating

Despite the feeling of an endless feast, on holidays a person gains an average of about a kilogram. The problem is that this weight does not go away immediately, but remains for about six months, and with each New Year, the risks associated with the state of the cardiovascular system, cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus are becoming higher. In addition, overeating, typical for the New Year holidays, provokes drowsiness and digestive disorders. Simply put, getting back on the path of moderation is important as soon as possible.

Don’t skip meals as this will only increase your hunger, but opt ​​for protein – chicken breast, legumes, eggs, and yogurt – to keep you full . Also, try to eat more slowly to give the signaling molecules in your gut the necessary and sufficient 20 minutes to send the message to your brain that everything is okay. Unusual ways you can try to reduce the size of the plate or choose red dishes, and also watch less TV, unless this is the adventures of Kevin McCallister, because advertising for unhealthy foods and drinks most likely increases the craving for them.

And most importantly, don’t blame yourself for overeating. If a reason is needed for this, then here it is: people who feel guilty about their eating behavior eat more and gain more weight than those who forgive themselves momentary weaknesses.

How to deal with a hangover

New research shows that introverts – and shy extroverts, if any – have a harder time hangover because they feel more anxious in the morning. But given that a hangover can last for more than a day, it’s important for all of us to know how to deal with it.

First of all, stop perceiving a glass as an obligatory part of the evening. Reducing the amount, if time permits, is worth gradually, but keeping in mind two main points. First, alcoholic drinks with a low degree provoke drinking more . Second: in tall and narrow glasses, focusing primarily on the height of the liquid, we pour 20% less.

Since dehydration is responsible for the main symptoms of a hangover , it is important to drink plenty of water. Or at least “Sprite”, which, perhaps , enhances the activity of enzymes that break down the alcoholic toxin acetaldehyde.

How to get back to work

Even if, after the New Year holidays, you prudently took a few days off, you still have to return to work. How can you do this without suffering and stress? Research suggests that any break in work increases productivity. And this can be a motivating factor.

Don’t forget to sleep well before your first day of work, because sleep, among other benefits, helps us feel happy. And the day before going to work, be sure to take a long walk, since contemplation of nature has a positive effect on the brain. Dozens of letters will surely accumulate in your work mail, but do not waste the first hours of your working time on them: routine actions can be boring, and this is not at all what you need right now.

How to start sports again

It may seem that the best way to get back into sports after the New Year holidays is to stay in the sport. But it only seems so. Experts never tire of saying that breaks are necessary even for the best of us in order, firstly, to give the muscles time to fully recover, and secondly, not to face stress overload (because sports are also stressful).

Even vigorous exercise enthusiasts find it helpful to start their fitness year with something lighter, like yoga or Pilates, to slowly but surely get into action. And don’t forget about stretching , which comes in handy to prevent injury after a break. If you, as we have advised and supported the activity on a vacation with the help of dance and skating with slides, you do not even notice how will return to the usual mode.

How to restore sleep patterns

It is not so important whether you are an “owl” or a “lark” – on New Year’s holidays, the regime gets confused with “birds” of all kinds. Circadian rhythms are the biological mechanism that controls the sleep-wake cycles, and with them, the time when hormones are released, muscles relax, memories are consolidated, and the immune system becomes stronger. The modern rhythm of life in general has contributed to the fact that our circadian rhythms are affected , but a night without sleep and the following sleep until lunchtime on vacation only exacerbate the situation.

To help yourself, increase the amount of light during the day: walk more, open the curtains, and if it is dull outside the window, turn on more bulbs. Accordingly, it should be less in the evening. And yes, the “blue light” emitted by gadget screens counts as well . You can also use the data obtained by Harvard scientists, who proved that circadian rhythms are closely related to “food rhythms” that can restart the system, if necessary. It’s about having breakfast, lunch and dinner at your usual time – regardless of when you went to bed and what time you got up.

A little more about food: it makes sense to give up caffeine for a few days, so that nothing prevents the body from entering a working pace. And by the way, a glass of milk at night seems to really work .

How to stop wasting money

Difficulty with money after the holidays is a very typical story. Want some good news? Scientists have shown that emotionally stable people tend to spend more during their vacations or vacations, so there is at least something to be happy about. But by not stopping spending, you run the risk of getting into debt – and this is no longer a reason for joy. Because, for example, they expose the body to massive stress, increasing the risks of anxiety and even depression.

One theory on the topic is that money acts like a drug on us, so it can be difficult to stop spending it if you’ve already started. Here are three strategies that work: first, keep a budget (at least in a notebook and pencil) to visualize expenses; second – withdraw money from the card before buying something in order to feel parting with them; and the most original one – spend more time with thrifty friends, since the brain activity of people, as it has been established , in this sense is synchronized if they are nearby.

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