Abdominal muscles

By | September 11, 2019

By developing the abdominal press, you will get rid of excess fat deposits on the abdomen (if any), and in a well-developed state, muscle squares will be visible. In addition, by strengthening your abdominal muscles, you will support and protect some of the internal organs.

Naturally, ordinary exercises (lifting and lying down) will give you much mesh. shi result than what I have given below. And more time will be taken. I will briefly give an example from my own experience.

At one time, while doing this exercise, I added five lifts, and as a result, after two months I easily did three hundred lifts. It’s true. Therefore, it is much more advisable to do the following:

Exercise 1

Develops an upper press.

Sit on a stool, legs stretched out, fasten (shove it under the sofa, put something heavy on them). Now bend back as low as possible. Then bend, getting as close to your feet as possible. And so, until you feel pronounced fatigue.

Take three to four sets.

Exercise 2

Develops upper and lower press.

Lying on the floor (sofa, bed), bend , aiming both the upper and lower parts of the body to the vertical relative to the floor. If it is difficult to keep your legs straight, bend them at the knees.

Perform until pronounced fatigue. Also three to four approaches.

Exercise 3

Develops bottom press.

Lying on the floor, raise your legs to an upright position, although it would be better if you pull them closer to you. Unlike the previous exercise, bending the knees is not recommended. The same three or four approaches.

Exercise 4

Develops lateral press. Lying on its side (on the floor, sofa), with fixed

legs, try to tear off the upper body from the floor, straining the lateral muscles of the press. Even if V doesn’t work for you, the muscles will train due to statistical stress (more on that later). Perform as many as previous exercises.


The development of the back is perhaps the highest priority of athleticism, since these muscles protect the main part of the spine. In addition, kidneys are attached to the back. A squeak you will have less chance to tear in case you have to sip bags of cement or potatoes.

Exercise 1

Put a stool, turn to Nei spinoi. Put your hands on it and sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you . Now lift your body, resting your hands on a stool.

Exercise 2

You will need two chairs and some kind of stick, a piece of water pipe, etc.

Put the stick on the chairs set at a distance of about 70 centimeters, backs to each other. Lying on the floor, grasp the stick hands and lift the torso to the Nei (floor relate only to the heel).

If you have old or unstable chairs, it is better to refuse to perform this exercise – there is a risk of breaking them or, having knocked over a chair, yourself fall to the floor.

Exercise 3

Lying on a sofa with legs fixed (face down, upper body hanging over the floor), lean down, then bend down in the lower back and climb up (legs are motionless). You can also perform the exercise, lying in the lower part of the abdomen (pelvis) on a stool or chair, with the legs fixed to the floor.

Exercise 4

Grasp the right of the hand by the wrist of the left (the hands are below the right shoulder).

Pull the left elbow arms to the left and back, and the right, with slightly less strength ои, pull to the right and back. Return to starting position. After 8-12 for repeat movements drugoi hand.

Perform all three exercises until there is a pronounced fatigue, three to four approaches each.

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