Argenine in food products

By | August 8, 2018

Although arginine is produced by the body on its own, this amount is not enough. Therefore, it is important to supplement the supplement in the form of sports nutrition or with food. Arginine is found in dairy products, as well as meat, seafood, nuts, cereals, etc.

Reception, dosage, safety
It is recommended that you take arginine before and after your workout, and before bedtime. After training, the drug improves muscle nutrition. Reception before bedtime allows you to increase the secretion of growth hormone. For preparation, it is necessary to dilute the preparation in a glass of cold water. If you have purchased arginine in the form of tablets – then they just need to drink water.

It is recommended to take 3-9 grams daily, but not more than 10 g. A higher dose allows you to feel a greater effect. If you have never taken arginine in its pure form, start with the lowest dose and, if necessary, increase it to a sense of effect.

The side effects of taking arginine can occur if the dose is significantly increased (more than 15 grams per day). This can lead to diarrhea, nausea, general weakness of the body, a drop in blood pressure. Given this, it is recommended that you take a dose of the drug that does not cause discomfort. Frequent use of large doses of arginine can adversely affect the pancreas and even lead to certain diseases.

It should be noted that arginine is also a building material for the cells of the Herpes I and II virus. Thus, taking the drug can cause a relapse of the disease.

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