Arm extension in the upper block

By | May 6, 2019

The extension of the arms in the upper block is the shaping triceps exercises on the principle of isolating muscle groups. They also contribute to building muscle.

The exercise involved the elbow muscles and all three heads / tufts of the triceps:

  • The largest is lateral / external.
  • Medial / lower internal.
  • Long / upper inner.

The load on the triceps muscles is about the same. Different techniques for doing the exercises allow you to shift the focus to one of the heads.

Performance technique

one.   Attach the handle to the upper unit of the simulator. Exercise can be performed by holding the standard upper grip or grip down. When gripping from below, use light weight, as this hand position increases the load.

Having established the necessary weight, take a starting position.

Starting position: stand straight facing the machine, the body is tilted slightly forward (slight deflection in the lower back), legs are shoulder-width apart, or one foot is extended slightly forward.

Note: during the execution of the entire exercise, the muscles must be kept under tension. Therefore, stand at a convenient distance from the simulator.

2   Grasp the handle, elbows pressed to the body, shoulders relaxed.

The handle can be replaced with ropes / special straps. Straps allow you to stretch the muscles more. Hands can be unbend down and to the sides or at the top point, turn the hands with palms up. At the same time use a small weight.

3   Exhale slowly as you exhale until your arms are fully extended. The shoulders and upper arms should remain motionless during the entire exercise.

four.   Take a short pause and also slowly inhale, return to the starting position.

five.   Repeat the exercise the required number of times.

Another option for the exercise is to stand with your back to the simulator. For greater stability – make the case tilt forward. Use a lot of weight. Load – on the long head of the triceps.

Note: when performing two exercises on the upper block, you need one of them to work out the external muscle (with direct or neutral grip), the other – internal (with reverse grip).

Triceps can be trained once a week, because in many exercises on the chest muscles of the triceps are involved.

Approaches and repetitions

Perform 2-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Rest is a minute.

For men – 15-20 kg. For women – 5-10 kg.

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