Backrest in roman chair

By | May 14, 2019

Back extension in a roman chair is an exercise performed in many sports. Some sources believe that he has no place in fitness training, but if done correctly, it can be safe and beneficial. Back extension in the Roman chair is performed as a warm-up or basic movement, depending on the purpose of training and the preparedness of the athlete.

Exercise goal

As a warm-up exercise, it can be included in training with any heavy basic exercises for activating the muscles of the “back chain”, including the buttocks, thighs, and also for improving the blood supply to the muscles before the main work is done.

It is also used as one of the exercises for the buttocks, with a shift of the center of gravity, and also as one of the movements for practicing the skill of a neutral back and tie of the shoulder blades in different rods.


Reclining roman chair

The simulator is tilted, which allows more use of the biceps of the thigh and less – the extensor of the spine. In this variant, it is necessary to choose the height of the simulator so that the hip joint remains free, but the pillows of the simulator do not rest on the hips too low, pain in the hips and the feeling that the knees are “pushed” in the opposite direction should not be. In the initial position, you should also avoid excessive tension on the back of the thigh, that is, the “push” of the knees in an unnatural anatomically trajectory forward.

Feet fixed in the “pedals” simulator, ankle – under the pillows. Hands out for the head or along the body. Then, due to flexion in the hip joint, the body is lowered down, the face is down, and the body is raised, making the exhalation forcefully. The rise should not be accompanied by an accentuated extension of the body, and a deflection in the lower back.

Technical errors are too fast tempo, body rolls to the upper point of amplitude, and also not high enough rise. The back and legs should remain in the same inclined plane at the highest point of the amplitude, if it turns out that the back is above or below, a technical error is made.

Straight roman chair

This simulator allows you to slightly change the technique. It is necessary to adjust it along the length of the body, the hip joints also remain free, then the feet are fixed in retainers, bend forward and lift.

The meaning of the procedure is the same – lifting is performed exactly to the position where the back remains in the same plane with the legs. Over-bending is not allowed.

It is possible to perform this exercise with the burdening. The preferred option – the neck or bodibar on top of the trapezoid, and not a pancake in front of the chest

The movement is performed in a wide range of repetitions, they can vary from 8 to 20, in 3-4 approaches.

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