Boxing and training: all the advantages of this sport

By | June 6, 2020

Monotonous and boring training in gyms, many prefer boxing. It strengthens the will and spirit, helps increase physical and psychological stamina, gives confidence in their abilities. Professional classes are held in groups or individually. Qualified trainers develop programs based on the initial physical data of future athletes. A personal approach is important to achieve positive results. Experienced coaches train real champions.

Advantages: why you should choose boxing

Boxing is one of the most versatile sports. Among martial arts in popularity, he occupies a leading position in the world. Boxing is also considered the most expensive sports, since the legendary Mike Tyson in 1988 won an incredible fee. He knocked out his opponent and earned $ 20 million in a couple of minutes. Boxing originated in the UK. Now he is chosen for the following reasons:

  •                                 a combination of two types of loads – aerobic and anaerobic;
  •                                 reduced risk of cardiovascular disease;
  •                                 weight loss in a short time – from 400 to 700 calories burn out in one hour;
  •                                 combination of several options for physical activities – from jumping and running to circular training;
  •                                 improved coordination of movements;
  •                                 joint strengthening;
  •                                 uniform load on all muscle groups, their strengthening, improving the relief of the body;
  •                                 acceleration of metabolism.

Regular boxing trainings cheer you up, increase your self-esteem, help throw out anger, negative emotions. After exercise, sleep improves.

Training and their features

A specially developed methodology allows you to study the physical characteristics of each student before starting classes. The training process includes three main stages:

  1.                              Mastering the rules of boxing.
  2.                              Learning the technique (knockdown, knockout, hook, cross, defense and more);
  3.                              Sports nutrition and its development.

Training consists of sparring, running, strikes, exercises on the horizontal bar. Used pear, jump rope and other devices. The trainer places particular emphasis on speed endurance and strength. Professional boxing training gives great prospects in building a sports career.

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