Breeding hands with dumbbells lying

By | May 2, 2019

Breeding arms with dumbbells lying to treat   insulating exercises , and sent to work out   chest muscles . When performing this exercise, only one joint is used – the shoulder joint, which ensures the maximum load on the pectoral muscles. Systematic performance of this exercise with the observance of the correct technique will provide a distinct, convex shape of the pectoral muscles.

The height of the bench when performing the exercise is important because the weight of the dumbbells can cause a loss of balance. Consequently, the height should be fixed in such a position, so that the support feet on the floor was the most reliable and durable.

Technique of the exercise:

  • Take a position lying on a horizontal bench, put your feet on the floor, spreading them shoulder-width apart.
  • Take the dumbbells in your hands and lift up above the shoulders. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the hands when performing the exercises should not be perfectly straight, but slightly bent at the elbows. Slightly means not to bring the level of the fold to a right angle.
  • Spread your arms to the side to the point of maximum tension of the pectoral muscle – the moment when the feeling of stretching is replaced by pain and discomfort. Pain means injured muscle and the futility of doing the exercise.
  • Along the same trajectory, return your hands to the starting position, reducing them to the contact of dumbbells. The effort at the end of the exercise should be maximized.

The effectiveness of the implementation of the layout of hands with dumbbells lying depends on the precise implementation of recommendations such as:

  • The exercise should be final, that is, to be performed after the basic exercises with maximum weight have been worked out.
  • The turn of the hand plays an important role – when girding the dumbbell, the bones of the fingers should be turned inward, placed on the same level and look at each other. Throughout the breeding dumbbells should be parallel.
  • Perform the exercise better with varying degrees of inclination of the bench, which will ensure the distribution of the load on the entire pectoral muscle.
  • The speed of the layout is the main point of this exercise. Smoothly and slowly, emphasizing efforts at the lower and upper point. The maximum stretching of the pectoral muscle should be clearly felt at the lowest point, while straining as much as possible.

Breathing control – raising your arms with dumbbells lying down, like any other exercise, requires proper breathing, which will allow you to saturate your muscles with oxygen. Deep breath – we spread our hands, exhale – we reduced dumbbells together.

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