Breeding hands with dumbbells

By | April 28, 2019

Dilution of hands with dumbbells is a strengthening exercise, with its help you can increase muscle mass, it perfectly separates the pectoral muscles, helps to create the perfect visual image.

The exercise is difficult, but the athlete can do it with any training. It is better to use after presses with dumbbells or a barbell. With it, you can perfectly train your chest. It is recommended from 2 to 4 approaches, depending on the preparation of the body, in each approach for 10-15 repetitions.

When raising hands with dumbbells, the pectoralis major muscle works. Thus, the visual appearance of the upper chest becomes much more prominent. Also during exercise, the anterior deltas act, the dentate and key- shoulder muscles develop.

If an athlete has been practicing recently, it is not recommended to take heavy dumbbells, this increases the chance of injuring yourself. Heavy weight is generally not recommended for this exercise. It is worth taking those dumbbells that will best fit your training and weight. But it should be understood that the guarantee of a quality body is given not by weight, but by the correctness of performance. This technique can help make the body beautiful and healthy. Due to the large weight changes the number of repetitions. As a rule, athletes, having chosen too heavy a weight, try to make an approach as quickly as possible, and on the second and third they already have no strength, while doing the exercise qualitatively fails.

It is also important to control breathing: with proper performance, it will help you not to get tired and give the exercise a greater effect.

Technique of breeding hands with dumbbells

  1.   To the horizontal bench must be firmly pressed back, waist and head.
  2.   The back is level, the legs are wide apart and rest against the floor.
  3.   Taking dumbbells, they need to raise a little above the chest.
  4.   Hands should be slightly bent in elbows, you need to remember this angle, and when returning to the starting position, put your elbows just under this degree in order to avoid injuries.
  5.   After making the entrance, you need to hold your breath and start to spread your arms to the side. After passing the most difficult part, you should make a small exhalation.
  6.   When the dumbbells are lowered to the level of the chest, it is necessary to maximize the muscles, stay in this position for three to four seconds.
  7.   The trajectory of movement should be the same, therefore, on the new exhalation, the hands are lifted up as well as lowered.
  8.   As soon as the hands can touch each other, it is necessary to linger again for a few seconds in one position, and then continue the exercises in the same mode.

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