Breeding legs sitting in the simulator

By | April 24, 2019

Breeding the legs while sitting in the simulator is an exercise on the gluteal muscles and abductor thigh muscles. Almost everyone performs this movement, but the effectiveness is very different. The fact is that this is an isolating movement, and it has a small formative potential for those who do not make a base. It is not possible to increase the essential mass and volume of muscles using only this movement.

Goal exercises

In fitness, it is used for the isolating group of gluteus muscles to work out this part of the body. In power disciplines it is used as an auxiliary for warming up and increasing the amplitude of movement in the hip joint, but is used quite rarely. In modern powerlifting, functional squats with a rubber ring, and variants of the usual squat with connected knees are used more often.

Working muscles

The whole group of gluteus muscles, as well as abductor thigh muscles. When performing the exercise with a back squat, flexors and extensors of the hips are also used.


This exercise has several technical options.


It is necessary to sit on the bench of the simulator, set the desired weight of resistance, and rest your back on the back. The abdomen is tucked up, legs rest against the simulator’s pillows in a flattened state. With exhalation, it is necessary to separate the legs to the sides and bring them back, not allowing the force of inertia to make the reverse movement too tempo.

Forward tilted

Promotes greater involvement of the gluteus medius muscle. After sitting and resting the legs into the cushions of the simulator, bend forward and grip the simulator itself so that the inclination is maintained during the entire movement. Then, with exhalation, accented dilution, with inhalation – reduction. It is necessary to choose such a depth of inclination and amplitude so as not to feel discomfort in the hip joint.

With squatting

Exercise should be performed by placing the feet on the leg supports, but turning to face the back of the simulator. With the dilution of the legs, the squat is performed, i.e. bending at the knee and hip joint, then the reverse movement is performed

There is also a simulator for standing legs, it is often used in home workouts and weight loss training, but its effectiveness is less high due to the low resistance of the pedals.

Dilution of legs in the simulator can be replaced with a similar movement with rubber, then simply bind your knees with a rubber shock absorber and sit on the bench.

It is worth noting that leg breeding is performed at the end of the workout, in the “ pamptom ” mode for 15–20 repetitions, or drop sets of 10 repetitions with one weight, and cannot serve as the main exercise in the women’s training of legs and buttocks. The number of approaches is determined individually, usually from 3 to 5.

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