CrossFit for kids

By | December 25, 2018

CrossFit for kids

Crossfit for children is one of the most popular methods of physical development of children. Crossfit consists of static, acrobatic, aerobic and gaming exercises that help children develop from childhood dexterity, flexibility, strength, endurance, speed and leadership qualities. Originated crossfit in America, we have become popular since the 2000s. Since then, the type of training has been somewhat modified. Today, crossfit for children is incredibly popular.

The crossfit program was developed specifically to ensure that children’s workouts not only bring benefits to the children’s body, but also take place in a playful way so that the child is fascinated from the first to the last minutes of each exercise. One of the main differences of crossfit from other workouts is the constant replacement of exercises, the selection of the complex should be changed at each workout.

Division into groups

As a rule, gyms / sections produce sets in groups, based on the age category of children. Attend training at crossfit children start with four years. Children age category from 4 to 6 years old is the first crossfit class. The second class is formed from older children – 7-12 years. The third grade includes adolescents from the age of twelve.

Based on the physical characteristics of each class, the trainer prescribes a set of exercises. As a rule, the coach takes into account the individual abilities of each student, builds a line of physical exercises. By giving a child from the very childhood to the crossfit section, you can be sure that the child will love sports, learn to take care of his health, develop not only strength, endurance and dexterity, but also learn leadership skills.

CrossFitKids basically uses the development of children’s movement activity. Training does not limit children. CrossFit training programs provide a constant variety of approaches – workouts consist of completely different dynamic exercises with game elements. At the same time, children learn to perform each exercise faster and faster.

Functional features of crossfit training for children

The main functional feature of training is that children should run, jump, pull, push, throw, climb. At the same time, their movements should be as correct as possible in terms of technology. Each child is under the watchful attention of the coach.

This kind of fitness for children, covering all possible types of training. Therefore, having completed a crossfit course, your child will be athletically prepared for any sport. The training program is designed so that the child performs each exercise in a structured manner.

CrossFit Kids-program consists of four blocks of exercises, each exercise involves several approaches. Block 1 is aimed at practicing pull-ups, squats, jumps and stretching. Block 2 consists of exercises with light weights and barbells. Training this unit involves a set of exercises aimed at the development of the vestibular apparatus. The third and fourth blocks are designed to improve the techniques of basic exercises of blocks one and two.

CrossFit Kids Result

One of the main results of the program – your children will be physically developed at a high level. They will be prepared for any section, will learn how to technically correctly perform any physical exercise. Children will have the correct posture, they will become less susceptible to various injuries, will develop strong immunity.

The main qualities that children acquire:

development of physical strength;
improving immunity;
coordination development;
development of dexterity;
setting posture;
correct technical implementation of exercises;
learning the basics of proper nutrition.

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