Differences in basic and isolating exercises

By | August 20, 2018

The basic exercises have several key differences that make them the basis for training not a professional athlete:

they cause a significant hormonal response, promote the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone. With adequate nutrition and sleep, they contribute to the recruitment of muscle mass much more effectively than training from only one joint exercise;
they are convenient for fitness purposes. Non-professional athletes do not dream of living in the gym, do 2 hours a day, and work out one group of muscles under a dozen different angles. They just do not have time to do all this. And their bodies do not have a chance to recover after such training, because it requires an increased rate of protein synthesis, and this is achievable only with a professional approach to recovery. If a person has an ordinary office work and a family, it is better for him to base the training on “base”. This will allow you to spend less time developing each major muscle group, ensure normal recovery and grow without huge food costs.

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