Effective pushups for arms and shoulders

By | February 3, 2019

Push-ups are well trained hands, they make beautiful shoulders, but such exercises alone will not be enough, since the classical technique is designed to a greater extent on the muscles of the chest. In order to work better with hands, it is necessary to take weighting, for example, dumbbells.

Using dumbbells, you need to perform a classic push-up, then alternating hands, press them to the chest. After one repetition, the second arm is pressed and worked out again.

The second exercise is performed without additional inventory. For him to take the starting position for the classic version, but one hand should be located below the other. So you can use a large group of muscles when pushing up. Hands need to be swapped with each new approach. For one hand, at least 10 repetitions are performed in the set.

Light exercise

Often, a lighter load is required. For example, beginners who find it difficult to give classic or weighted techniques cannot immediately begin to approach them. In order to prepare your body for such exercises, it is worth starting small.

The very first and most familiar way – push-ups from the knees. This view is simple, the technique is the same, but the knees rest on the floor, and the legs in the calves are crossed in the lock.

You can also use the fitness platform for pushups. If the exercise is performed at home, then you just need to take the support object, which will be at least 30 centimeters above the floor. The arms are placed on the support platform, the legs in the classic position. Pushups in this position make 4-5 sets of 10-15 times. After a week of such exercises, it is possible to switch to the classic version of 2 sets of 10 times. This type of exercise gives you the opportunity to strengthen your arms and let your body get used to the workouts.

Complicated push-ups from the floor

A lot of pushups depend on the body. It can be an additional weight for an athlete, the correct positioning of the hands and its variations make it possible to make push-ups a universal exercise.

For a high-quality study of the back and arms, one of the approaches needs to be complicated. To do this, hands should be placed as close as possible to each other.

If the work is aimed at the press, then when pushing up, you need to lift one leg up. With each approach there is an alternation of legs. This is how the muscles of the waist, abs and chest are worked out.

Feature pushups

The attractiveness of this exercise is described in two points:

Versatility. Alternating techniques and picking up inventory, you can work out the muscles of your arms, back, and chest without using a simulator. One exercise can give results for the whole body. It is only important to observe the rules to achieve quick and high-quality effect.
Availability. You can perform push-ups on the street, in the gym, at home, on the beach and in any other place. If this is a classic technique, then the work does not require inventory, so you can work for a long time and without limiting yourself. Also important is the fact that for push-ups it is not necessary to buy a subscription to the gym, this is a free sport. Also, coaching control is not needed: to learn how to do push-ups, you need an ordinary mirror, by reflection in which you can control yourself.
In order to push-up correctly, you need only self-control. Even an experienced trainer will not teach how to do it well, if a person does not feel his body and cannot understand what he needs. The first criterion for correct pushups in pain. During exercise, the athlete should feel the work of the muscles, it is expressed in a slight discomfort.

The second rule is also associated with self-control. It is necessary to strain the press, in the classical version it works the least of all the muscles, so it must be done artificially, and also the gluteal muscles must be strained so that the lower back and some muscles of the dorsal corset are worked out. The body must be flat.

It is important to control the palms, push-ups – this is difficult, so on the last repetitions you can begin to wring them, you need to make sure that this does not happen. The look is also important. In strength exercises you need not to lower your eyes, but to look straight ahead

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