Fat burners

By | November 15, 2018

Fat burners

Fat burners are special drugs that are designed to accelerate the reduction of fat reserves when drying the body or losing weight. Together with the elimination of subcutaneous fat, it is possible to make the muscles more prominent, to get more concentration in training.

This sports supplement acts by stimulating the metabolism, which, together with a low-carb diet, causes the body to more intensively use its own fat cells as an energy source. Also, fat burners suppress appetite, inhibit the absorption of fats and carbohydrates from the digestive tract, block the synthesis of fat cells and remove excess water from the body.

Fat burners are used most often by people who are engaged in bodybuilding professionally or have considerable experience in training. The main condition for taking the drug is a combination with intensive workouts and proper nutrition. Without these two components to take a fat burner does not make sense, because even if it is possible to lose weight, the result will be very insignificant and in a short time the weight will grow again.

Most often in the composition of fat burners include such substances in their combination: L-carnitine, caffeine, guarana, green tea extract, synephrine, naringin, tyramine, omega-3 fatty acids, dopamine. If the fat burner is based on chromium picolinate, chitosan, phenylethylamine, raspberry ketone, green coffee or goji berries, then this is most likely a marketing product that will not bring any results and, in doing so, may still harm.


There are several types of fat burners:

Thermogenics – contribute to the increase in energy costs of the body, increase physical activity, as well as suppress appetite. All this together leads to the launch of fat loss.
Lipotropics – accelerate the metabolism, due to which the body fat is split. This type of fat burner is very ineffective.
Calorie and nutrient blockers – are divided into two types: fat blockers and carbohydrate blockers – prevent rapid absorption of fat and carbohydrates from the digestive tract, respectively.
Cortisol blockers – help reduce the main catabolic hormone that destroys muscle fibers.
Diuretics – able to reduce weight due to the removal of water from the body. Fat burning is not affected.
Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA are necessary to prevent the occurrence of biochemical and physiological disorders in the body, as well as enhance the fat-burning effect.
Precautionary measures
Now in the market of sports nutrition there are a lot of fat burners from various companies. All of them differ in different characteristics, first of all – by their composition. Choosing for yourself this sports supplement, you need to carefully study what manufacturers offer and especially deeply inquire about the drugs that you decide to buy. This is very important because you can often come across drugs that do not produce any effect and are created only to make money quickly. Such products appear very often, are advertised in all ways, but as soon as the majority will understand that this is quackery – the products disappear.

Fat burners can exercise a very strong influence on the body. Since there are drugs of different action and different effectiveness, it is worth starting with the weakest. with the advent of experience, you can use more powerful ones.


You can take drugs of different actions separately, but you can also combine them with each other. However, you need to do this carefully, because the effect may increase several times.

It is safe and effective to combine these types of fat burners: thermogenics, blockers of fats and carbohydrates, cortisol blockers, L-carnitine, thyroid stimulants. The increase in the effectiveness of the use of all these drugs will occur due to the influence on the various functions of the body, which ultimately will lead to quick results.

It is impossible to combine fat burners of the same type from different manufacturers. It is advisable to combine the use of L-carnitine and thermogenic, because it reduces the negative impact of the latter and, at the same time, reduces muscle catabolism and protects the heart and blood vessels from overload. You can also add nutrient blockers, omega-3 fatty acids (also protect the heart and blood vessels) to this combination.

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