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Participating in the metabolic process, interfere with hypothermia, support and protect some internal organs.

Their sources are known to everyone:

oil (both vegetable – sunflower, olive, and animal – cream, margarine), lard, lard, and the same nuts .


Decaying, they give energy to the body. They are absorbed easily and quickly, and this is their dignity. With a lack of carbohydrates, the muscles begin to act up, do not want to work, so give the body a sufficient amount of carbohydrates:

bread, pasta , various cereals (rice, oatmeal, millet), vegetables, fruits .

Well, now – a few tips on nutrition.

In any case, pay special attention to bowel cleansing – we all accumulate toxins on its walls over the years, which significantly impede the absorption of nutrients from the foods we use. In addition, this environment is favorable for the development of various bacteria.

Kefir will help you in this matter (as well as other sour-milk products like it), foods containing fiber (oatmeal, raw vegetables and fruits.

I recommend once a week to spend the so -called ̆ unloading ̆ day – eat only apples. If such an “execution” seems to you unnecessarily difficult ̆ – well, your holy right to refuse.

If you smoke and decide to leave this ̆ harmful ̆ habit ̆ at the same time as the start of classes, then – congratulations. V you got an excellent ̆ chance to gain two to three kilograms of muscle weight in a fairly short ̆ time.

The fact is that the person who quit smoking starts eating more. In the absence of physical ̆ load, compensating ̆ the appearance of excess calories, people often gain excess ̆ weight due to the development of fat ̆ tissue.

In our case, a greater amount of energy and “building material” should not lead to a capacity zhirovoi ̆, and myshechnoi ̆ tissue. The main thing is not to be lazy.

If you set yourself ̆ the goal – to lose weight – try not to eat for two to three hours before and two hours after training. If you need to gain weight, then, on the contrary, at this time you should use protein-containing foods. But do not overdo it before training – it will not be easy to deal with a full stomach. Better take your soul after class.

After exercising in the blood sugar level drops, so finished, eat a couple of apples, drink juice or sweet ̆ tea.

There is no unanimity regarding drinking during training. Some say that you can’t drink at all, they say, it is harmful to the heart, others say that you can drink, but only warm water. However, cold water (in moderation) is more quickly absorbed by the stomach. I advise you to drink fruit juices or sweetened water during classes – this will add you strength.

As for drinking in general, it has been established that the body spends much less energy on the absorption of liquids than on solid foods. Therefore, the use of high-calorie drinks will lead to the acquisition of superfluous (and when doing athleticism, on the contrary, not superfluous) kilograms much faster than consuming, say, sausages or cakes.

The average calorie content of drinks (may vary depending on the variety or manufacturer) in kilocalories (kcal).

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