Healthy and beautiful hair

By | January 19, 2021

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is always admired by others. How to determine how healthy your hair is, whether it requires additional care and nutrition?

They are elastic

Hair weakened by improper brushing, coloring, and frequent use of styling equipment can cause hair to loose its firmness, tangle and break. Brittleness indicates that the hair cannot retain moisture, has become weakened and dry.

They are thick

It is not for nothing that many women strive to add volume to their hair, because lush hair is a sign of health and grooming. However, by choosing the wrong care products, some deprive the hairstyle of the desired effect. In addition, negative environmental influences can seriously weaken hair. Sometimes the problem gets worse and hair begins to fall out. There can be many reasons: stress, improper care, poor diet, poor environment.

They have healthy tips

Lack of split ends indicates healthy hair. Due to illiterate care, frequent washing, the use of poor-quality shampoo, hard water or mechanical damage, hair at home can become dry and start to split at the ends.

They are shiny

This is perhaps one of the main and obvious signs of healthy hair. The cuticle of healthy hair is capable of reflecting light, which is why the hair shines and shimmers in the sun. The surface of an intact hair consists of scales that fit tightly to each other and are arranged in even layers. If the cuticle is damaged, the shine disappears and the hair becomes dull.

They are soft and docile

Healthy hair does not frizz, practically does not electrify, keeps styling well, since it has a solid structure. Hair that is stiff and brittle may indicate either improper care or health problems.

How to properly care for your hair to keep it healthy?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the diet. The foods that we eat have an effect on the condition of the whole body, in particular the skin, nails and hair. Try to include in your diet more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also necessary to drink enough fluids a day, thanks to this you will restore vitality and natural shine to your hair. Doctors advise drinking at least two liters of clean water a day.

As for washing the head and hair at home , here the opinions of experts differ. Still, try to stick to the “golden mean” and, if possible, wash your hair no more than once every three days, using a mild shampoo. Washing too often helps to wash off the natural lubricant from the hair cuticle, thereby leaving hair weak and sluggish. It is good if you use the balm after washing, but it is even better to finish washing your hair with a cool rinse (you can add a little fresh lemon juice to the water).

Hair care and proper nutrition at home is the key to its thickness. You can use commercial masks, or you can make a nourishing hair shake from homemade products. Hair “loves” honey, egg yolk, various oils (olive, coconut). The mask must be kept on the head for at least 15 minutes; to enhance the effect, it is better to wrap the head in polyethylene and warm it with a towel.

Professional hair care products can be purchased at a pharmacy or on the Internet, the range of such products is wide enough and you can easily choose the right products for your hair.

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