Hips and legs

By | November 26, 2019

To deer the joint is driven by the thigh muscles , as well as GOVERNMENTAL muscles of the lower leg. In general, muscle thighs, responsible for the movement of the knee joint, divided into two groups. The quadriceps muscle of the thigh, when appropriate to the front group, has four heads: rectus femur,

the intermediate broad muscle of the thigh, the lateral broad muscle of the thigh and the medial broad muscle of the thigh. These are the main muscles that extend the leg at the knee. Biceps muscle of the thigh, semimembranous and semitendinosus muscles make up the rear group . These are the main muscles that bend the leg at the knee. The thin and tailor muscles of the thigh and calf also participate in this movement. foot, popliteal and plantar muscles of the leg.

The muscles of the hip greater in size than the muscles of the lower leg or foot , so he and better adapted to physical stress. However, it should preserves to strike a balance of strength and flexibility between opposing muscle groups of the thigh. Most lyudei front group of muscles stronger, than the rear, but possessing is minimal flexibility. However rastyazhkoi rear group usually deal much more often, than the front. This creates an imbalance between these muscle groups and causes pain in the back ̆ of the thigh. Excessive stretching can also lead to chronic fatigue and a decrease in the tone of the back thigh muscle group. In this regard, it is necessary to pay equal attention to stretching both muscle groups.

After a long stay in a fixed position, we often experience numbness in the legs. The most ordinary muscle stretching can help here. It eliminates tension and pain. But in order to pre to rotate such phenomena, you need to deal with regularly. Stretching exercises should become neotemlemoi part vashei program fitness.

In many of the presented here exercises described stretching odnoi according than half body ( the left or pravoi) . The same movements must be performed for the other half of the body.

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