Horizontal pull-ups

By | October 2, 2018

Pulling in a crossfit is a very popular exercise, because it can be performed wherever there is a crossbar. It has an excellent effect on many muscle groups. In the crossfit, the functionality of the whole organism is important, so this type of exercise has gained popularity among athletes.

Horizontal pull-ups are an exercise performed on rings, on uneven bars, on a crossbar, or with any stable object capable of withstanding the weight of the body in a horizontal position.

When performing pull-ups involved a wide, large, round, rhomboid, double-headed, trapezoidal muscles. Correct execution of horizontal pull-ups will help to evenly load all sites of the back.

Technique: horizontal pull-ups
Select an item above the hip level.
Go down to the floor.
Grab the object with your fists towards you. Legs will rest on the floor.
Pull yourself up, tearing your back off the floor and bending your arms slightly in the elbows.
Hold the body straight.
Pull the body up until it touches the edge of the object.
Hold in this position.
Straighten your hands and return to the original.
Repeat several times.
Horizontal pulling requires more strength than vertical pulling. This is a transitional exercise before full pull-ups. With its help, the shoulder and elbow joints are strengthened.

If you perform horizontal pull-ups in the gym, then the execution technology is preserved. The main requirement is an even body and pulling the body up until the chest touches the crossbar.

Recommendations for implementation
To facilitate the first attempts to make a horizontal pull-up, you will find the object higher.
If you get 30 or more repetitions, you can go to the subject by hip level.
In the first week of classes, perform horizontal pulling 5 times, the second week – 6, the third – 10, etc.
If you have passed the level of basic training and the muscles are accustomed to the loads, you can proceed to perform more complex complexes – pulling up with rocking.

Having a clear idea of ​​the result, and having become familiar with the methodology, you can independently develop a system of training with maximum efficiency and minimum use of inventory. Perform horizontal pull-ups at the very beginning of the workout. they will help warm up all joints and are not traumatic for the athlete.

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