How to do push-ups

By | February 7, 2019

Push ups

Exercise “Push-up” is familiar to many from childhood. Everyone at school had such a standard, but push-ups are very diverse and are considered very effective for creating muscle relief.

Push-ups are extremely exhausting, so in many progressive armies of the world they are considered mandatory in the daily training process. This exercise can help keep soldiers in physical shape and build muscle.

At the same time, push-ups are one of the easiest exercises. For the implementation does not require the help of a coach, inventory or simulator. But still there is one “but”: the technique of implementation, which is quite difficult to follow.

In push-ups, the most important is to develop a system or draw up a program for the future, where every day or training the athlete will take heavier loads. If you train every day, then a three-minute approach in various techniques will be enough. When training every other day, it is necessary to increase the number of push-ups, but be sure to remember about the rules, because if they are not followed, even long workouts will not be able to give the correct result.

Kinds of pushups

It is considered that the classic push-ups – this is the best and effective option. But if you look at other types, you can understand that muscle groups and the load on them are distinctive, so the effect will be different. In order to train well the muscles of the shoulder girdle, arms and chest, it is necessary to apply several techniques at once in your training.

Classic push up

This exercise is the basis for all subsequent ones. Having learned to perform it, an athlete will be able to take heavier loads, complicate his actions, and so on. But the most important thing in push-ups is technology.

First you need to perform an emphasis prone. Arms apart slightly wider shoulders.
The legs are together, the back is flat, the waist does not sag, it should be level with the back.
For proper performance, you need to keep track of the elbows, they must be located 45 degrees from the body.
On the exhale, the athlete lowers the body down. It is better to touch the floor with the breast, so the amplitude becomes larger, the muscles stretch. This process affects not only the best workout, there will also be no discomfort in the chest area after a workout.
It is important to follow the breath. As you exhale, the body goes down, as you inhale, it rises. Many do not understand why this technique is needed, and do not control themselves. Breathing increases the load on the body at the right time, it helps not to get tired for a long time.
Any weighted push-up causes a large group of muscles to work, and it distributes the load sufficiently well. Therefore, push-ups and are considered effective exercises.

Spiderman – pushups for the press, so they are not performed as usual. To do this, bend one of the legs 90 degrees, lift it parallel to the floor and start the exercise. The remaining rules remain unchanged. Having made an approach with one bent leg, the athlete lifts the other. Each approach is 10-15 times. It is advisable to make three or four sets.

Another way to work out the muscles of the press – T-shaped push-up. The initial position is normal, then after pushing up it is necessary to tear one arm off the floor and raise it perpendicular to the floor. Each rep is a new hand. The type of exercises will help not only to create a beautiful press, but also will improve the posture and strengthen your back.

In order to complicate the T-push-ups, it is necessary to use dumbbells. At home, they are easily replaceable: it can be bottles of water, sand or stones. Taking a dumbbell in each hand, you can work out the muscles of the arms. This exercise will work well on the back of the hand.

Push-ups for posture
Even with the help of pushups you can improve your silhouette. For this type of exercise you will need a fitball – this is a gymnastic large elastic ball.

For exercise, you must put your feet on the fitball, otherwise the technique is unchanged. Repeating push-ups with a fitball, the athlete strengthens the back muscles. This happens due to the ball. It was given that it is very unstable, so a person has to constantly look for a balance. Due to this load, the muscles of the spinal corset work. From the fact that they are strengthened, the posture becomes more beautiful.

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