How to keep fit – 100 push-ups

By | November 4, 2020

I work in IT. This means sitting in the office most of the day.

At home again sitting at the computer, which cannot but affect the tone and general condition of the body. At school, physical education was a compulsory subject, at the institute it was no longer compulsory. The sportsman told us in the first year: “Now we will pass the standards and then you will observe how your results deteriorate by the fifth year.”

Now I work and no one forces me to do anything. His own master. However, I want to keep the little body in shape! Everyone finds a way out of this situation on his own, so I took care. Going to the gym was rejected right away! Please do not argue! I have nothing against the Gym or Fitness Center, it’s just not for me.
Firstly, this is time, which is not enough, and secondly, it is money, albeit small, but they are never superfluous. It was decided to do exercises in the morning and do a small set of exercises in the evening. The idea is good, but my laziness is still invincible. Every morning, there was a reason to start the next morning, and every next morning, all over again. Through trial and error, I came to this complex: One hundred push-ups . You just need to do 100 push-ups a day, no more and no less. Here’s my order: 40 in the morning, 20 times in the afternoon (before lunch) and 40 times in the evening after returning from work. 


  • No need to set aside time for exercise, 3 minutes three times a day is not time.
  • Money is saved.
  • Excellent physical condition in the morning.
  • Ease of implementation.


  • Not all muscle groups.
  • Not suitable for “owls” (those who like to practice in the evening)

And now for some advertising.
I have been using this method for the last year. You may not believe me, but the illness of colds and flu dropped by half (yes, I specially thought) and I forgot what a cold is. The press also appeared (cubes on the stomach), it is more pleasant to go to the shower.

UPD: I’m not in any way against exercising in gyms and fitness centers! When you have time, money and the desire to do it. I ask you not to write comments about the benefits of proper exercise in the gym with a good coach, this is indisputable. Here is a way to keep yourself in good shape, spending the minimum time.

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