How to learn endurance

By | January 31, 2021

Of course, a lot depends on a person’s temperament. That is why emotional people justify their not-so-beautiful behavior with such arguments: “Well, what can I do, I am naturally hot, you can’t argue with her.” However, with the will and perseverance, even such a person may well learn to control their emotions.

To do this, he needs to constantly, unswervingly inspire himself: my fervor harms, first of all, myself! Indeed, the fact that a person begins to shake his fists and pour curses, rude curses, the problem that angered him will not disappear and will not be resolved. But he will certainly expose himself, to put it mildly, not in his best form.

Learn the technique of self-hypnosis. It is not that difficult, but it can be of great benefit. If you have to have an unpleasant conversation, and you yourself feel that you are on edge, resort to one of two methods: before each of your remarks, either first say it in your head, or count to ten in your mind. For all its seeming simplicity, this very effectively helps to calm down and cool down.

Remember the wise truth: “Forewarned is forearmed.” If you are insanely annoyed by a talkative gossip neighbor, try to limit communication with her to a minimum.

If you are offended by what you think is unfair nagging from your boss, try to objectively and impartially look at your behavior from the outside. Maybe he still has reason to be dissatisfied with you? In this case, perform your duties impeccably, make every effort so that there is simply nothing to find fault with you.

In short, make it a rule to anticipate a potential conflict situation and avoid it.

If your work is associated with constant stress, nervous overload, you can (in consultation with your doctor) take sedatives. Try to avoid negative emotions at home: do not discuss unpleasant news with family and friends, do not watch the programs of criminal chronicles, etc.

At the first opportunity, get out of the city, into nature: walk in the forest, along the river bank, breathe fresh air. This will have a beneficial effect on your nervous system.

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