How to prepare for sex during your period 

By | April 11, 2021

TOPICS RELATED TO MENSTRUATION ARE EVERYTHING LESS SILENT , but fears and doubts still prevent many from deciding on penetrative sex during menstruation . Is it bad for your health? Will it alienate your partner? How to have fun without messing everything up? We answer these questions in a material prepared in collaboration with FREEDOM ® – a brand of super soft tampons without a string.

Ask yourself what you want 

Sex is voluntary. It’s okay if you only need a platonic relationship during your period . Do you want to lie in front of the TV in an embrace with your partner or be alone – your right. There are those who have increased libido during menstruation. If this is about you, but you are worried about your health, consult your gynecologist. There are far fewer medical contraindications to sex during menstruation, such as an increased risk of endometriosis, than associated biases.

Tell your partner

On the course of history in different cultures, menstruation taboo topic. And even today there are those who consider them “indecent” and “dirty”. Perhaps lesbian couples to discuss menstruation easier, but if your partner cisgender man, he , too, with more likely to quietly will carry to the situation. For those who, in principle, are not against sex, but feel fear or dislike of blood, there are modern devices – tampons without a string FREEDOM ® , which, thanks to the soft material and anatomical shape, none of the partners will feel in the vagina.

Choose a comfortable technique

Dysmenorrhea – painful menstruation – is one of the most common reasons for not having sex. But it is the orgasm that can be beneficial. The release of endorphins works as a natural pain reliever , and the contraction of the muscles of the uterus promotes faster rejection of the mucous membrane. To achieve orgasm, choose a comfortable technique: perhaps you do n’t need penetration for this, and stimulation of the outer part of the clitoris will be enough. Petting is also real and fulfilling sex.

Take care of cleanliness 

Often women refuse sex during their periods for fear of getting dirty. The solution is to consider the dark linen or wet wipes. With FREEDOM ® tampons you can have penetrative sex without being afraid: no surface will get dirty. On average, the length of the unexcited vagina is 7–12 centimeters, but during penetration it stretches to 15–18 centimeters. So after sex, you need to wait about 15 minutes for the vagina to come to a calm state. The tampon can then be removed. It is more convenient to do this in a squatting position.

And about contraception  

Although fertility decreases during your period, sex can still lead to pregnancy, so be sure to use contraception. Note that sex tampons do not prevent conception. The same goes for infections. During menstruation, the slightly opened cervix is ​​a target for viruses and bacteria. Therefore, a condom is desirable even with a regular partner, but with a new one – it is strictly required.

Don’t forget about sex toys 

Menstruation is not a reason to give up your favorite gadgets, be it a vibrator, a clitoral stimulator, or a butt plug. It is important that they are made of non-absorbent materials such as silicone or borosilicate glass. These materials do an excellent job of cleaning and disinfecting.

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