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By | November 16, 2020

We live in interesting times. The 21st century is in the yard, the development of technology is taking leaps and bounds But what would seem to be of interest to everyone is somehow forgotten. Until, as they say, the cock will not bite in the ass. I’m talking about health, and healthcare in particular. Yes, genetics, yes breakthrough. But the end result is of interest. Sometimes you want to compare the human body with a computer that is very dirty with viruses, continuous holes in security, users do not care about basic maintenance, and the administrators who are called in case of extreme neglect of the situation are really dancing with a tambourine.

Just imagine, your computer constantly freezes under load or after five to ten minutes of work. The administrator comes, looks, makes a diagnosis – your fan is clogged with dust and the percent overheats. Recommendation – try not to load the computer, do not work on it for more than five minutes, keep it in a cool place. Somewhere bad contact and the wifi periodically disappears while hanging up the computer? Let’s cut off the module nafig, it’s easier. You still have a setevukha. Hopefully. Have you caught a virus, it infects files and everything slows down? No problem! Antibiotic anti-virus will delete files until at the same time it will kill the infected. Rave? For so-called medicine, such treatment methods are in the order of things.

I do not want to say that all doctors are mediocre and can’t do anything, but reality convinces us otherwise. All the methods of treatment are reduced to a joke, where the surgeon, when complaining that the ears hurt, suggests cutting them off, and the therapist – a pill, from which the ears will fall off themselves.

And yet, I would like to hope that everything is not so neglected and biotechnology will develop at the same pace as information technology.

Good luck to everyone and don’t get sick.

IT specialist form support

After reading the article Ghetto workout of comrade papa_justify , as well as studying the extensive and varied comments to it, I decided to write my first post on a similar topic. I must say right away that I did not achieve phenomenal success in building a relief body, did not achieve world records and was not included in the Guinness Book of Records. This article is an attempt to summarize, share and discuss with fellow victims the information accumulated over 3 years of training.


The question of maintaining one’s own physical shape became acute after entering the university. Before that, I had not been involved in sports as such (except for chess in the 5th grade, six months of going to karate-do and physical education at school). After the first semester of active study and passing a lab, a free attitude to physical education and a cheerful drinking of beer, I began to notice that I was slowly beginning to lose shape and become overgrown with fat. I began to think about how to comprehensively approach the solution of the existing problem. Resolutely and cheerfully he studied numerous sites and guides for young jocks and confidently walked into the hall (fortunately, it was free). Naturally, without a coach and naturally without any system, I began to carry everything that came under my hands. With a different number of approaches and exercises in them. Naturally, my desperate attempts did not give the expected effect to pump up. Then I again delved into literature and began to discover more and more new horizons for myself.
I think it’s not worth describing all my attempts to reach heights, because it will take too much of my and your time. I will try to briefly tell you what I learned from all this.


1. Nutrition An
effective training system depends not only on the quantity, quality and composition of the exercises being worked out, but also on nutrition . I wrote the nutrition first, because I believe that the success of your endeavors by 50% (and perhaps more) depends on it. Considering that the audience on Habré is, for the most part, busy young people, this question takes on an additional shade. You must admit that often you do not have time to have a proper breakfast (because you run to work or to college), not all companies have a corporate lunch, and dinner falls on the late evening after many hours of standing in the traffic jams of a metropolis. At the same time, you rarely think about how and what you eat, and counting calories is considered the lot of models or women who are unsuccessfully losing weight. Before describing the main aspects of proper nutrition, it is necessary to mention the three generally accepted types of male figure: endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph. Any person is always dominated by one of the types. Depending on this, you should vary the load and power. ” Ectomorph. A narrow bone, low level of subcutaneous fat and muscle mass. Volumes and muscle mass are difficult to gain. A 100% ectomorph is a tall, thin person with an elongated face, high forehead, narrow chest and abdomen, thin long arms and legs. The subcutaneous fat layer is almost absent, the muscles are not developed or poorly developed Mesomorph. Genetically gifted type, the best result for bodybuilding. Typical mesomorph is characterized by a predominance of bones and muscles. He has broad shoulders and chest, muscular arms and legs. Amount of subcutaneous fat. y mesomorph minimal. Long torso, body thorax, good value for the width of the shoulders and waist. endomorphs. Major boned structure. Pure endomorph usually has a round head, a large stomach and a large amount of subcutaneous zhipa, particularly in the hips and shoulders. When it has thin wrists and ankles, weak arms and legs.Gaining weight will not be a problem, but burn fat is very hard. Prone to accumulation of fat. Needs frequent aerobic training. “(C) I assume that you mentally correlated yourself with any of the groups. In short and more understandable: ectomorph is a person with the fastest metabolism, endomorph – with the slowest, mesomorph – something in between. , if the former can eat any food almost at any time of the day and he will not gain weight, then the latter should be extremely careful about the selection of food and the correct schedule of its intake. Main points: 1.1 fruit should be eaten half an hour before meals, and not after, because they are digested faster than meat and potatoes, then if you eat something heavy at first, they will simply start to rot “from above.” If they are eaten before meals, they will have time to be digested and vitamins will be absorbed more successfully. 1.2 carbohydrates are not recommended to be combined with fatty and protein foods.Think several times before you eat pasta and cutlets, meat and potatoes or bread and cheese.If this surprises you, I advise you to read about separate meals 1.3 extremely it is not recommended to eat fried food. better boiled, and even better steamed. 1.4 limit carbohydrate intake at night. (For example, do not gorge on sugary fruits or chocolate before bed.) Are you surprised? I advise you to read about the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the human body . In short: carbohydrates are converted to fats, but proteins are not. 1.5 completely exclude “snacks”, fast food and sweet soda. To explain this, I think, it is not necessary to eat 1.6 many times, but a little bit. it is not recommended to eat 2 times, but a lot (many can eat up in the morning and after working with beer in the evening) 1.7 the dangers of alcohol should also be mentioned 1.8 when playing sports do not limit yourself to drinking, but at night, again, it is better not to drink juices in large quantities 2. Types of load For myself (to make it easier for me), I divide them into 2 categories: aerobic and power. Depending on your body type and preferred results, you should choose one or another group. I refer to aerobic ones: running, swimming, skiing, cycling, etc. power: powerlifting, bodybuilding.Since my task was first of all to keep fit, dry out and get overgrown with relief, I stopped exercising in the gym and began to run (and later go to the pool ). I started with three kilometers in the park and gradually climbed up to 11 in 3 years (running time ~ an hour). After running, I go to the horizontal bars and do several approaches in pull-ups (with different grips) and swing the press (wall bars). Before or after running, I additionally work out the press with the help of this complex (I started with the proposed amount of time for each of the approaches, at the moment I am doing 2 times more). I also run in winter (if the temperature does not drop below -10). I strongly advise against running for a while. Run at a medium to slow pace. This will contribute to losing excess weight (I read somewhere that the average person begins to burn fats after 30 minutes of continuous running, because at first carbohydrates are consumed – they are the “fastest” substances in our body, fats are stored for stock). If you feel that you are tired, it is better to skip one lesson, do not force the body. Only you should understand that fatigue is not a can of beer in the refrigerator before a football match of your favorite team. Over time, you will find your pace and you will become addicted. Without constant physical exertion, you will feel overwhelmed and weak. For those who are going to enroll in the gym, it must be remembered that a large number of repetitions with small weights will contribute to the appearance of relief, and lifting large weights will help muscle growth. In any case, I recommend consulting a coach. He will make up a training program for you (a complex for hands on Mondays, on Wednesday chest, on Friday legs), and will prompt you with a diet for your body. It is better not to save on this. Especially at first. Working with large loads is dangerous for a beginner athlete. You can seriously plant your heart. 3. Equipment Since most of the running people live in cities, they often run on the asphalt. If you don’t fork out and buy special running shoes (for example, this one ), then very soon your joints will become unusable. By the way, there is an interesting thing for geeks. In order to do aerobatics on the horizontal bar, gloves may be needed so as not to rub your hands. Well, for me personally, it’s much more convenient to run with a pre-compiled playlist in the player or a list of podcasts, although at first you needed a partner to keep the pace. Perhaps that’s all. Hope you found something new for yourself in this article. Good luck and good health!

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