Lower legs and feet

By | November 22, 2019

A Vision of the foot and toes are made at the expense of muscle shin. Triceps muscle consists of ikronozhnoi and kambalavidnoi muscles having general sous hozhilie (heel or Achilles). Triceps and plantaris muscles, referring schiesya to the rear group of muscles tibia bent leg at the ankle joint (lowered foot down). In this movement involved the popliteal muscle, posterior tibial muscle, as well as dlinnyi flexor digitorum and dlinnyi fold Tel thumb by which carried out more and the movement of the toes. The long fibular muscle, the short fibular muscle and the third fibular muscle are located in the outer ̆ part of the tibia. They bend the foot at the ankle and raise the outer edges of the foot. Anterior tibial muscle dlinnyi extensor digitorum longus hundred nN , dlinnyi ̆ extensor digitorum, referring to the front group of muscles gol no , unbend golenostopnyi ̆ joint (raise the foot up) and controlled motion zheniyami foot and fingers. The muscles of the upper of the foot ( Short extensor digitorum , dorsal interosseous muscle, Short extensor digitorum longus

feet) unbend fingers. Muscles podoshvennoi of the foot ( Short fold Tel fingers , square muscle sole, Short flexor hallucis Pal tsa foot , a short flexor of the little finger of the foot , muscle, abductor bolshoi finger foot , arm , tapping the little finger of the foot, plantar interosseous muscle, worm-like muscles ) bend and spread their fingers.

Many people experience pain, tightness, cramping, fatigue, weakness of the arch of the foot and lower leg muscles . These problems are often the result of a constant increased load on these muscle groups . Chronie cal stress and pain to eventually lead to diseases such as the, for example , tendinitis of the Achilles tendon, vyzvannyi chrezmernoi LOAD Coy on gastrocnemius and kambalavidnuyu muscle. With prolonged walking or running on a hard surface, painful sensations can also appear and inflammatory processes may develop in the overstressed muscles of the anterior part of the lower leg — the anterior tibial це muscle, and in some cases , the flounder is visible muscle and long flexor. In most cases, exercise Nia stretching and strengthening these groups of muscles can be removed or an existing member to relieve pains and to prevent their occurrence in the future. People often complain about the so nazyvaemyi phenomenon dolgovremennoi dismissed noi myshechnoi pain ( kotoryi in sporting circles was the slang name ” krepotura ” and is known also by angliyskoi acronym DOMS). It arises as a result of unusual physical activity. Shin muscles are more prone to this phenomenon than any other .

Light stretching exercises will help you cope with this phenomenon and get rid of the pain associated with it .

In many of the herein exercises described stretching odnoi according than half body ( the left or pravoi). The same movements must be performed for the other goy half body.

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