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By | August 18, 2019

Well, first of all, it will not hurt you to take a picture. E SLE not at full height, then at least to the waist. After two to three months of training, take another shot. Compare. How? The changes will be more noticeable than when looking in the mirror – you can forget what the “before” were. Obvious differences will give you confidence in the belief that you have not begun to engage in vain. However, as I already noted, there will be no instant results – everything will come with time.

However, travel time can be used. We are talking about the so-called static muscle tension. Sit and relax. Now just strain your chosen muscle group. Repeat the action several times. These exercises help keep your muscles in good shape and can be performed anywhere – in the parking lot, in the subway, while waiting under the door of the boss or in the queue to the doctor, etc.

Another way to keep yourself in shape is through mental exercises. Yes, the idea that you are lifting weights may well give a positive result. I will give examples of studies based on the same principle. The experiment was conducted with two groups of volunteers,

who trained to throw a basketball ̆ ball into the basket – some in the gym, others – just imagined that they threw the ball and it hit the basket. As a result, after the allotted time for training, the number of hits of both those and others increased by an average of 25-30%.

Other ̆ example. The person is placed on the board located on the spire, and balanced – the person is in a horizontal position. Then they ask to solve a difficult mathematical problem – and the person, along with the board ̆ bends his head ̆ down. Then they ask to imagine that he is running, – now he leans downside down. This is explained as follows: in the first case, blood rushes to the head, when a person thinks hard, and in the second, to his legs, when he imagines that he is running.

I hope I have convinced you that the Dunns ̆ type of training can take place in muscle development.

It is still possible to strengthen muscles with stretching, but this is more true for the muscles of the legs. I don’t see the point of describing the exercises — you all did them at school in physical education classes: bending, sitting attempts to reach toes of straightened legs, and so on.

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