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Legs are probably the most difficult to develop at home. Nevertheless, it is very vazhnyi ̆ element of the harmonious development of body, ” and does not include training etoi ̆ muscle groups in the home athleticism would be unforgivable. Therefore, I was able to pick up exercises, maybe in some way uncomfortable, but able to strengthen your legs.

Exercise 1


Sit on a stool so that your legs (bent at the knees at an angle of 90 degrees) do not touch the floor (if they touch – place something under you, such as books or pillows). Put the ankle right ̆ feet on the ankle left ̆. Now straighten the left leg, resisting the movement of the right ̆ (strain the biceps of the right ̆ legs) with a force at which you can perform more than 8-12 extensions.

exercise 2

Sit on a stool (chair, sofa), legs together. Put your hands on the outside of the knees ̆. Spread your legs to the sides, creating resistance with your hands the same 8-12 times.


Exercise 1

Lie on your stomach, right ankle ̆ legs on the ankle left ̆. Bend the left leg, creating resistance to the right, 8-12 times.

Exercise 2

Sit on a stool, legs apart. Put your hands on the inside sides of the knee ̆.

Bring your legs together, resisting movement of your hands, 8-12 times.


Stand on the step with the toes of the feet ̆, the heels hang as low as possible relative to the socks. Now slowly stand on your toes and linger a bit in this position. Return to starting position and repeat.

Perform until the leg muscles become tired.

The next ̆ section will be of interest to the owners of the dumbbell ̆. Of course, you won’t take them on a business trip or in the country, but at home they will greatly diversify, and will supplement your classes in something. It is very good if they are collapsible, but if not, it’s okay, the main thing is that their weight is not too small and not too large. I will arrange the exercises as in the ̆ system described above – according to muscle groups. Number of approaches and movements in each try to trim themselves, subject to the fulfillment of exercise without dumbbells ̆, of their weight and sobstvennoi ̆ endurance.


Exercise 1

Standing up Hands are bent at the elbows, dumbbells at the level of the head. Raising the dumbbell ̆ over the head.

Exercise 2

It is performed while sitting, the back is tilted back (about 30 degrees from the vertical), dumbbells are at the level of the head Raising the dumbbell ̆ above the head ̆.

Exercise 3

Standing up Hands with dumbbells down.

Raise your arms parallel to the floor, then spread apart. Lower your hands.

It is performed with a slight ̆ delay ̆ in each position (hands in front of you ̆, on the sides).

Exercise 4

Standing up Hands down. Raising the dumbbell to the chin.

exercise 5

Standing up Hands down. Raising the dumbbell ̆ over the head ̆ – two options: hands in front of themselves ̆ or to the sides (in an intermediate position).

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