Muscle growth

By | December 9, 2018

Muscle growth

Bright minds are still struggling with the problem of developing the mechanism of muscle growth. The search for the conditions of their growth, the study of the factors that interact and lead to this process, hormones, genes and much more is included in the range of scientific interests. They also conduct studies of muscle response to workouts and how they stimulate the development of new fibers.

Recently, we managed to lift the veil of secrecy, but still there are aspects that have remained unattainable. Now we know that there are some exercises that contribute to building muscle, and explanations why these exercises help.

The conditions for muscle growth include weight and the number of repetitions of the exercise. That is, if you need big muscles, then the bar should be lifted heavier and many, many times. Such training is called “rehearsal”. Lifting heavy loads is necessary if there is a need to stimulate muscle growth, because they can cause a breakdown of muscle tissue, which is a direct way to the initiation of adaptive processes, and this is what leads to building up muscles.

The principles of the construction of training should be based on a greater number of repetitions, because this can lead to an increase in gaps, and therefore to an increase in muscles. But here it is worth considering the fact that the load and repetition are inversely proportional, because the more repetitions you plan to do, the less you need to pick up weight.

If you try to do the exercise with the maximum weight for you more than once, you will most likely get a depletion of the nervous system. That is, your brain will be hard on the muscles that they cannot lift a lot of weight again. And another – he will begin to “tell” only after full recovery. That is why it is worth finding the golden mean in weight and number of repetitions, because then the nervous system will not be so depleted, and you will be able to work harder on building muscles.

Muscle growth secrets

All athletes know that in the process of training the muscles do not grow. These important events occur in the recovery process. That is when you rest. In other words, doing exercises with weighting, you just start the growth mechanism, give it a boost. How much the muscles grow in the post-training period may depend on proper nutrition and regimen. A key role is played by proper rest. Irregular meals, inadequate sleep and little rest will not allow muscle tissue to increase, regardless of the work in the hall. In addition, physical training, which is composed incorrectly, if it is very long, will cause overtraining. This is a direct path to lack of growth.

For this reason, it is important to train not every day, but according to a certain pattern of training. Please note that sleep should not be less than 7 hours and not more than 9. If you are engaged in another strength sport other than bodybuilding, you should give your body once every three months a full discharge from any workouts.

Training is accompanied by pain. Normal natural pain that occurs after a load and muscle fatigue is normal. Her character: with each subsequent repetition, the increase in weight is given more and more difficult and painful. These feelings disappear immediately after the exercise.

If there are sharp pain in the muscles and joints, then this may well speak of their sprains and ruptures. This nature of pain should alert and requires immediate treatment to the doctor. Please note: such pain does not always occur immediately, but can manifest itself after some time, they hold up to several days.

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