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Hands with dumbbells down. Raise your dumbbells by bending your elbows. How – choose for yourself: both hands simultaneously or alternately.


The same, only with a reverse grip, that is, the back ̆ side ̆ palms up.


Exercise 1

The arm is straight, raised above the head ̆. Bend your arm at the elbow, lowering the dumbbell behind your head (some athletes are afraid of injuring the forearm, so you can lower it in the face). Straighten your hand. After completing the N- th number of lifts (before fatigue), repeat for the other ̆ hands.

exercise 2

Lean over the table and the rest against him handle ̆, his other hand holding sognutoi ̆ at an angle of 90 degrees (the arm above the elbow parallel to the floor, below the elbow – is down). Stretch your arm to a horizontal position. Repeating N- Noe number of times repeat for drugoi ̆ hand.


Holding the dumbbells in your hands (palm down, up, to the sides), lift them, bending your hands at the wrists.

Abdominal muscles 1

SIDE – holding a dumbbell (or two) in your hand, lean in the opposite direction (right hand – left side and vice versa).

UPPER and LOWER – the same exercises, but holding dumbbells at the chest or attaching them to the legs.


You will need a bench or two stools placed side by side

Exercise 1 I

It is performed lying on a bench, arms bent at the elbows, dumbbells at chest level. Lifting Dumbbell ̆.

Exercise 2

“Wiring.” The situation is the same, but the arms are straight, spaced apart, dumbbells below chest level. Raising the dumbbell ̆ (before touching them over the chest).


Exercise 1

Standing, bent in a belt at an angle of 90 degrees. Hands down.

Raise the dumbbells, moving your arms to the sides.

Exercise 2

Place a stool in front of you ̆, rest your arms ̆. The other hand is down (the dumbbell touches the floor).

Raise the dumbbell to your chest, raise your elbow as high as possible. Repeat for the other ̆ hands.

Exercise 3

Holding the dumbbells in your hands, bend so that they touch the floor (or are as close to it as possible). Straighten (arms down along the body).


All exercises are performed with dumbbells attached (tied) to the legs in the ankle zone (except exercise 3)

Exercise 1

Squats with dumbbells in hands.

Exercise 2

Standing up Raise your leg while bending at the knee and hip.

Exercise 3

Standing up Put one foot forward and the other back. Now lower your torso down, bending your knee in front of you ̆ and leaving straight ̆ the one that was set back. Take the starting position. After feeling tired, repeat by changing the position of the legs.


Exercise 1

Sitting on a chair. Grasp the seat with your hands. Lifting dumbbell , extending the legs at the knees.

Exercise 2

Standing up Take your foot to the side (as high as possible). If you feel tired, repeat the other ̆ legs ̆.


Exercise 1

Lying on my stomach. Bending the knees.

Exercise 2

Standing up Bend your leg at the knee. If you feel tired, repeat the other ̆ legs ̆.

Take the step. Holding dumbbells in your hands, rise on toes

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