By | September 23, 2019

The developed neck muscles in everyday life are usually not very demanded , therefore many athletes do not give them due attention in training.

Nevertheless, a developed neck will avoid many injuries, say, when falling, in contact sports and many other situations. If the neck is weak by nature, then it is necessary to develop it, otherwise it will spoil the overall picture of the developed body.

So, conducting a warm-up, I advise you to do the following:

Hold your right hand with your palm to your head (just above your ear or in the temporal вис region) and slowly tilt your head to the right several times. At the same time, create arms ̆ counteract the inclination with the force ̆, in which ̆ after 8-10 inclinations you will feel the neck muscles become tired.

Take a break and repeat the same exercise with your left ̆ hand ̆ (tilting your head to the left). You can combine:

tilting your head to the right, hold your left hand and tilt your head to the left. Then create the right ̆, tilt your head to the right, etc. Perform exercises with maximum ̆ amplitude ̆ – the effect will be greater.

Try to have about ten slopes in each direction. Although, if it seems a little to you, you can increase the number of slopes, say, to 15. This is your right.

The next exercise – for the front muscles of the neck is performed on the same principle as the previous one. Hold your hands with your palms to your forehead and tilt your head forward, creating resistance to tilt with your hands. Take the starting position and tilt again. I also advise you to do 8-10 slopes.

Next – the back muscles of the neck. Clasp your hands in the lock and put them on the back of your head. What to do next – you probably guessed it yourself. Tilt your head back and counteract the tilt with your hands.

Each exercise is best done three to four times (set) with short breaks. At first, it will most likely be difficult or inconvenient for you to do the exercises, but this is only out of habit. After some time, it will become much easier.

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