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It is unlikely that you will be able to, and even want to eat the same way as the famous athlete Rich Piana – he eats 12 (!) Once a day. Yes, this is not necessary at all. As I said earlier, each ̆ organism has its own characteristics.

In matters of nutrition, as in principle and in the rest, concerning not only athleticism, but also sports in general, unanimity does not exist. Let me give you an example – I will compare the two methods of losing weight that I have subtracted in various periodicals.

The first ̆ method involved minimizing the use of protein foods — meat, milk, fish, legumes, etc. Fatty foods were excluded by default.Carbohydrate-containing fruits and vegetables became the main element of nutrition, since carbohydrates do not participate (directly) in the process of creating either muscle жиров or fat ̆ tissue ̆, but only provide energy to support the body’s vital functions, in addition, they are quickly and easily absorbed. The lack of fat in the diet was compensated by the existing reserves of fat in the body.

The second ̆ method, on the contrary, excluded the use of foods containing carbohydrates in favor of protein, which can be consumed without restriction on the basis that the assimilation of nutrients always occurs, following a consistent ̆ chain: carbohydrates – fats – proteins. This means that in the absence of carbohydrates the body is taken primarily splitting zhirovoi tissue ̆.

As you can see, there are two completely different approaches that promise the same result.

If you do not quite understand the purpose of the various substances contained in food, then I will try to explain what and why.


It is a basic ̆ building ̆ material for muscle ̆ and bone ̆ tissue ̆. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet the required amount of protein (approximately two grams per kilogram of body weight per day, and sometimes more). The daily norm of the same Piana is six hundred (!) Grams of protein per day, but such doses are more likely an exception to the rule. In general, you probably realized that there will be no protein – there will be no muscle ̆ mass.

The proteins are divided into plant and animal. It should be noted that animal proteins are absorbed somewhat better than vegetable ones.

Proteins of animal origin:

fish (in Nei ̆ less fat than the meat, it is faster and easier to digest, and, as everyone knows, in the fish present neobhodimyi ̆ to strengthen bones ̆ phosphorus), meat, eggs , milk ( preferably ̆ yogurt or yogurt containing sour – milk bacteria that improve digestion) and its derivatives (cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc.).

Proteins of plant origin:

legumes, soy (and commercially available so-called soy meat – contains about fifty percent protein!), various nuts ( walnuts ̆, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, Brazilian ̆, etc. ).

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