On the benefits of meat and the harm of yoga

By | March 11, 2018

Yoga and vegetarianism is a fraud created for the selection of money and health

Yoga, vegetarianism and raw food are a well-promoted “business project” for fooling people and taking money, health and vitality from them by all Oriental gurus, their disciples and followers …

On the benefits of meat and the harm of yoga

In discussions about the dangers of meat, which I often hear from vegetarians, there are some things that you can safely agree with, along with arguments that have nothing to do with reality. Since I had a five-year experience of full vegetarianism (no meat, fish, eggs) during which I read all the fundamental oriental treatises on Indian cosmology, the philosophy of Buddhism and Taoism, including works on Ayurveda, acupuncture, yoga and other knowledge, I I can say a few words about this. Naturally, for a long time I practiced various health-improving psychophysical practices from Vipassana and walking around coals, to retreats and breathing techniques. I will not go into details of the systems that I managed to experience, I would say that these were practically all methods known in esoteric circles fifteen years ago.

My observations, for convenience, I will bring to the theses

Ayurveda and Food Types

1. Talking about the benefits or harms of some product for health with reference to Ayurveda, we must remember a few things. The first is varna (we have the more common word “caste”) existing in India to this day. This is an analogue of prerevolutionary Russian estates, where the highest level was occupied by the Brahmins (priests, representatives of religious worship). A little further down were the ksatriyas (soldiers, kings). Next came vaisyas (merchants and large landowners). The first three castes were called “dviji”, which meant twice-born.

Then followed the sudras (farm laborers, servants and poor peasants) and closed the social ladder “untouchables” – a despised and disenfranchised social stratum. Even an occasional meeting of the dviji with the untouchable led to serious purification procedures.

2. The second is the gunas; quality, properties.

sattva – the basis of the mind, is characterized by subtlety, lightness, light and joy;
rajas – the basis of energy, characterized by activity, excitement and suffering;
tamas is the basis of inertia, characterized by rudeness, apathy, amorphism and darkness.

The food according to Ayurveda is divided into:

Tamasic – that is, causing stupefying, which included river fish, root crops (food of peasants and untouchables) as well as any stale food.

Rajasic – contributing to strength and energy, it was meat and sharp spices (food of warriors)

Sattvic, the use of which led to goodness and contemplation. Such products were all dairy products, sweet fruits, honey, cereals, nuts and rice (food of priests)

Let’s notice, that the mass use of alcohol neither then, nor now in India was not.

Impact of climate and products per person

3. Hindustan and then and now was a climatic place, which can be divided into two conditional areas: where it is hot and where it is very hot. Any heavy physical work or exercise in such a climate is simply contraindicated. Therefore, the favorite occupation of Indians for thousands of years is chatter with neighbors near the spreading banyan tree or some other tree.

Therefore, the Hindus fell to various sermons and speeches of local gurus, begging and absolute naplevatelstvo at household amenities. In this we have with them a certain similarity.

4. It is unlikely that I will surprise anyone if I say that in Russia, and in the Soviet Union, 85 percent of the population were cereals, lacustrine or river fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables, canned goods, lard and bread.

Meat in the ration of the peasants was extremely rare. In the USSR, if we take the Brezhnev period, the situation has changed slightly for the better, as an alternative to meat, there were all kinds of sausages and sausages, stews, preserves and canned food, that is, food representing pure poison. And to this day, even pork shish kebab remains a delicacy in Russia.

In fact, the ration of the average Russian has not greatly expanded. Yes, the country began to consume more chicken and fish. Quite ordinary on the table were bananas, pasta from hard wheat varieties and some other products. All this food set quite accurately relates our population to the lowest caste, developing in it stupidity and inertia at the level of the physical body.

5. Severe climatic conditions in Russia, long winter and short summer, despite the obvious difference with the climate of Hindustan, still has a similarity with respect to the degree of influence on the mentality of the people. In both cases, a person for a long time is given self-contemplation (lying on the stove and spitting on the ceiling). In both cases, the immaterial in man is above the material.

There is one “but” physical condition of a northern person who needs fortress and rigidity. He plows the hard soil, cuts down the forest, wears heavy clothes. His diet is extremely in need of fats. To keep warm in the body. The person of the South is flexible and less strong. He almost does not wear clothes, and does not engage in intensive physical labor.

What is Yoga?

6. Now we are smoothly approaching yoga. I have repeatedly written that because of the distortion of concepts, the word “yoga” has absolutely lost its paramount importance. For advanced, I recommend immortal work translated into a dozen languages ​​called Sutra Yoga Live Beer.

In a nutshell, Yoga is the practice of stopping the vibrations of the mind. Three basic conditions for practicing Yoga are the presence of a mentor, complete immobility for a long time and solitude.

What we mean by “yoga” is nothing more than a system of gymnastic exercises, which appeared just over a hundred and fifty years ago. During this time, these exercises were overgrown with myths, legends, were supplemented by breathing and purifying practices, flavored with mysticism and approved in their inviolability by self-styled gurus. Now the number of schools of such “yoga” amounts to several hundred.

The spread of such “yoga” in India itself, on the one hand, was due to the surging flow of Americans and Europeans craving for insights and revelations. On the other hand, it was due to the multi-million army of loafers trying to make money on it.

Sexual energy

7. A few more points that should be paid attention. This is sex and the behavior of the gastrointestinal tract. Do not delve into the jungle of origin, accumulation and release (sublimation) of sexual energy, just imagine the following. A person is a kettle standing on a stove.

The accumulation of energy (steam) occurs at the very bottom (muladhara), from where it has two outputs. Part comes out through the spout (svadhistana), part through the lid (sahasrara). Since the lid can sit tight enough, all the steam leaves through the spout until the kettle is turned off. In the people there are such expressions “to lower steam”, “to boil”, “to get hot”, “to boil”. If you plug the spout and lift the lid, all the steam will go through the top.

Unfortunately, in Russia, the lid is tightly clogged, so the main actions are performed with the help of the instinctive-motor center. The work of such a center is determined by a bundle of fear-aggression, which is always fraught with problems, diseases, constipation and other problems in the conditions of the society. Who has been in India knows that the stomach there works irreproachably, once. Sexual energy is easily sublimated, two.

These two things also serve as flexibility, both mental and physical. If you remember one of the busiest streets of Mumbai, where six lanes of crazy traffic one way and six to another, then you will understand what I’m talking about. This track can go at a right angle without traffic lights and cripples, camels, peasants on carts, donkeys; it is crossed by moto-rickshaws, bicyclists, motobikes, beggars, beggars and other heterogeneous Indian public. No one this fact does not cause attacks of fierce anger or uncontrolled aggression.

Signs of varn

8. And finally the last. For every Varna from time immemorial established their own rules and psycho-physical exercises.

The Brahmins read mantras, study the Vedas, conduct religious rites, and establish standards of conduct for everyone else. He uses sattvic food in small quantities. They do not think about daily bread. The sexual energy of the priests sublimates into spiritual growth.

Kshatriy support the power of the Brahmins, manage the lives and incomes of the other castes, and also give them protection. They exercise in martial arts, build up a muscle corset, eat meat, and actively engage in sex. Religious rituals strengthen the power of warriors and kings.

Merchants and landowners unquestioningly obey the priests and soldiers. They can eat any food, are quite active in sex and have a balance between physical and mental development.

Peasants exist in the dust. In dust are born and are turned to dust. They work hard, getting a piece of bread for it. Food, sex, living conditions, mental abilities, goals – all this makes the fourth Varna similar to draft animals.

Untouchables are turned off from society. Eat mostly scum, root vegetables or fruit. Sit back, beg, steal, rape, kill.

9.What happens?

The following are obtained:
1. Gymnastic exercises, mistakenly called “yoga” in our country, even in Indian society there is a lot of slackers. After all, they are given a significant part of the time. In our society, this practice, under the guidance of homegrown gurus, only strengthens the human Ego. The ego is the main enemy of the Yogi.

2. Vegetarianism is a historically developed diet among farmers all over the world. However, it neither has an established character, nor religious (Indians are an exception because the cow is considered a sacred animal), but dictated by a lack of choice. Whenever possible, peasants are happy to eat meat.

3. Since Yoga is an exercise in the immobility of the mind with the immobility of the body, and its goal is the attainment of Samadhi, then no physical exercises can be called yoga. Or, more precisely, yoga can be called bodybuilding, biathlon, and chess. As Sri Aurobindo said, all life is yoga.

4. Both meat and gymnastic exercises are necessary if a person has any goals in life, in addition to breaking the chains of Samsara.

5. A person practicing Yoga (stopping the mind through concentration and meditation) for fidelity should be called a Yogi.

6. Dispute from animal food in general, has a short-term benefit. But this benefit stems not from the improvement of the physical condition of a person, but from the mental control of one’s body.

7.Printsipy nutrition of the European once and for all formulated Hippocrates. And no one has discovered anything new after him:
a. Your food should be a medicine, and your medicine should be food.
b. All is well that in moderation.
at. As clothmen clean cloth, knocking them out of dust, so gymnastics clears the body.
Neither satiation, nor hunger, nor anything else is good if you transgress the measure of nature.
etc. The action of dietary funds is long, and the action of medicines is transitory.

8. Hence the conclusion.

The harm of gymnastic exercises, which we mistakenly call “yoga,” consists of three things.
– In a far-fetched religious and philosophical background.
– In submitting these exercises, as a kind of panacea for all problems.
– In the imposition of patterns of behavior and nutrition.

The benefit of red meat is also in three factors:
– It gives the missing vitamins and minerals to the human body.
– It promotes muscle growth, strengthening of the body and readiness for self-defense.
“It gives rajasic energy, the energy of passion and the desire for victory.”

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