On the selection of the load

By | October 5, 2019

Most bodybuilders agree that weight is optimal , which you can lift eight to twelve times, although there are exercise systems that recommend a greater number of lifts for all or individual muscle groups (abdomen (abs), lower leg, neck and other). Athletes also work with less weight in favor of the number of athletes during the preparation for the competition – they “work” exclusively “for relief”. Nutrition in this period also has its own characteristics – the use of protein and fat ̆ food is minimized.

I consider the ideal option to be when a person lifts weights seven to eight times and gradually brings them up to eleven to twelve times. Then he proceeds to the next weight (+3; +5 kg), which he can lift no more than seven to eight times and gradually comes to ten to twelve lifts , then he adds 3-5 kg, etc.

The pace of the exercise is also important. The fact is that at a different pace of a particular exercise (fast or slow), different muscle fibers (called yellow and red) get a big load. With slow execution, with a maximum of amplitude movement, the muscles work more to build up mass than to create relief. With fast, and optionally with bolshoi amplitudoi, – vice versa. Using this fact, you yourself will be able to choose a suitable их tempo or a combination of them.

I was very surprised to read in one of the books about bodybuilding that you should not pay attention to breathing, breathe like that. I did not agree with this statement then and hold a different opinion now .

If you immediately set the breath right, then this will help you to avoid many difficulties ̆ in the future And you will breathe erratically – your productivity level will simply drop, you will get tired faster. Optimal option – inhalation-exhalation in one motion (example – bench press lying. When lowering the bar to the chest – inhale, when lifting – exhale).

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