Scientists have found drugs that slow down aging

American scientists and researchers ( Scripps Research Institute , Mayo Private Clinic, etc.) have discovered a new class of drugs that greatly slow down the aging process, reduce the effects of related diseases, improve the cardiovascular system and prolong life. The work was published in the journal Aging Cell. Scientists tested two drugs on animals. One of them is the directional antineoplastic agent dasatinib (trademark… Read More »

E-cigarettes undermine the immune system

Researchers from the private Johns Hopkins University have identified the harmful effects of e-cigarette vapor on the lungs of mice. As a result of experiments on mice, it was found that inhalation of steam undermines the immune system and impairs the ability of the lungs to fight viral and bacterial infections. In addition, the vapor was found to contain free radicals. In… Read More »

How to stay healthy while working at a computer?

Do you care about your health? For me personally, the ability to freely organize my working hours became the main pros when I decided to leave the office and join freelancers. Over the years with the company, I have achieved many goals that were interesting to me, paying for it with my vision, posture and wasted… Read More »

Evolutionary psychology of pornography

In the meantime, there is no credible data on the effects of pornography on public and personal health in these discussions; moreover, my attempts to quickly find some sane data on the Internet were unsuccessful. In search of answers to questions, I had to dive quite deeply into scientific research, and in the end I found something. A… Read More »

If doctors were admins

We live in interesting times. The 21st century is in the yard, the development of technology is taking leaps and bounds But what would seem to be of interest to everyone is somehow forgotten. Until, as they say, the cock will not bite in the ass. I’m talking about health, and healthcare in particular. Yes, genetics, yes breakthrough. But the end… Read More »

A note on how best to sit in front of the computer

Most of us, including you,% username%, spend a lot of time sitting in front of a monitor. Many people at the same time exercise and go to the gym – this solves the problem, but only partially. Sitting for a long time is generally harmful (unnatural), but sitting incorrectly is an order of magnitude more harmful. Since most… Read More »

First steps towards a healthy lifestyle

Some even the smallest changes can make a big difference in your life for the better, as many small habits cost us too much. It is not so difficult to refuse them if you wish. * Walk instead of a short trip . If it takes only fifteen minutes on foot to get to work, it’s even less to… Read More »

How to keep fit – 100 push-ups

I work in IT. This means sitting in the office most of the day. At home again sitting at the computer, which cannot but affect the tone and general condition of the body. At school, physical education was a compulsory subject, at the institute it was no longer compulsory. The sportsman told us in the first year: “Now… Read More »

Morning does not start with coffee: a review of popular brain stimulants

The human brain is losing the war against the growing amount of information it has to process. Neuroscientists argue that the human brain is very outdated, and attention is gradually becoming our most valuable resource. And rare too – reading books turns into a task that requires concentration that is almost unbearable in the age of Twitter and BuzzFeed . But nature and scientists have presented people… Read More »

Amphetamine , cocaine, meth (other stimulants).

White powder in the form of flour or crystals. Most commonly taken by inhalation through the nose. They have a long-term stimulating effect on humans. The following signs indicate the use of drugs in this group: Cheerfulness; Lack of sleep and fatigue; Haste, quick speech; Increased sex drive; Dilated pupils; Cardiopalmus; Dry mouth. After the amphetamine ends , severe depression begins,… Read More »