Physical education as part of physical education

By | October 11, 2020

Throughout life, human activities should be aimed at physically developing, improving their physical activity, strengthening health and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. All of this can be achieved through physical education, development, preparation and excellence. All of the above processes are part of physical education. The main goal of this area of ​​social activity is to strengthen health and the development of psychophysical abilities of a person in the process of his physical activity. Thus, the concepts of physical culture and physical education are inextricably linked.

From the very birth, such qualities as strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, agility are inherent in a person. To be convinced of this, it is enough to look at a five-month-old baby who easily brings his leg to his mouth. Such flexibility can only be envied. But after all, mother begins to perform elementary exercises with a child almost from birth. This includes exercises, massage, and the use of other developmental techniques.

The concept of physical education in theory involves the development of all human qualities inherent in nature. But since this process is pedagogical, then it is strictly organized in nature. Thus, the education of the physical qualities that are given to the child from birth occurs. Performing the exercises provided by the program, he becomes more enduring, strong, flexible. In the process of such upbringing, the child is taught motor skills and abilities, the formation of his need for physical education.

Physical development

Throughout a person’s life, the formation, formation and change of the morphofunctional properties of his body occurs. This is physical development. For each person, this process proceeds differently under the direct influence of age-related changes, genetic factors and environmental conditions.

Physical development is 1 concept of physical education. It is accompanied by changes in indicators of three different groups:

  1. The development of the physique. This group includes the following indicators: body weight and length, posture, volumes of individual body parts and their shapes.
  2. Health indicators. When assessing the physical development of a person, changes in various systems of the body are taken into account : nervous, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous, digestive and others.
  3. Development of physical qualities. This group includes indicators of strength, endurance, speed. As a rule, their intensive growth is observed up to the age of 25 years. Over the next 20-25 years, physical development remains at the same level. After 50 years, as we age, the indicators of all three groups gradually deteriorate. At this time, growth may decrease, health deteriorates, and muscle mass decreases.

It is safe to say that the concepts of physical development and physical education follow from one another. They should be used simultaneously. So, in the process of physical education, there is a direct impact on the physical development of a person, its optimization and improvement. Only with the help of regular exercise can improve performance in all three groups.

Physical training

With regular exercise, the human body physically develops and improves. Simultaneously with this, the formation of his motor skills and abilities is taking place, his working capacity and endurance increase. This is the manifestation of the next concept of physical education.

Physical fitness is the result of the use of exercises, embodied in working capacity and mastering motor skills, as well as skills. Training as one of the concepts of physical education can be general and special. There are certain differences between them.

General physical fitness presupposes an increase in the level of physical development and physical activity in order to achieve success in various fields of activity. In other words, a person develops physically in order to become more successful in all areas.

Special training is aimed at achieving results in certain activities, specific sports, profession. In this case, certain requirements may be imposed on a person’s motor abilities.

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