Physical education: definition, concepts, purpose, objectives

By | October 3, 2020

For the harmonious development of a child, three components are needed: physical development, cultural and spiritual development. To be healthy and calmly perceive any flow of energy, a person must be strong and resilient. Without a doubt, all three components are interconnected and the development of each of them should occur evenly and not to the detriment of others. But it is physical education that is a prerequisite for the all-round development of a personality. Parents make a big mistake, focusing on aesthetic, moral and labor education, but forgetting that it is in a healthy body that a healthy mind is formed.

So, physical education is a learning process that is aimed at maintaining and strengthening health in the course of physical activity. The purpose of this process is to optimize the physical qualities and personal culture of a person to realize the potential inherent in him, as well as instill a healthy lifestyle in general. Physical education begins from the first days of a person’s life.

The tasks of such a pedagogical process are as follows:

  1. Health promotion, prevention of flat feet, hardening, the formation of correct posture.
  2. Mastering the technique of performing elementary sports exercises.
  3. Development of motor qualities (speed, flexibility, agility).
  4. Involvement in independent physical exercise, daily morning exercises, the formation of interest in sports.
  5. Development of coordination (balance, accuracy and responsiveness to signals, orientation in space).
  6. Formation of knowledge on personal hygiene, the need to comply with the daily regimen, the influence of physical activity on health.
  7. Fostering discipline, determination, courage when doing physical exercises.

In theory, the basic concepts of physical education include:

  1. Physical development.
  2. Physical training.
  3. Physical perfection.
  4. Sport.

The latter concept should be considered separately from physical education, which is aimed at improving physical health. The main task of sports is to achieve maximum results and receive awards.

Let us consider all these concepts of the physical education system in more detail.

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