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By | October 10, 2018

One of the basic exercises with a burden – a bench press on a simulator lying – is an analogue of a barbell press. However, it is considered a load with a closed kinetic chain, and the use of the simulator makes the exercise process safer.

The bench press in the Hummer is suitable even for an average level, and it will be able to prepare not only for a dumbbell bench press, but also, indeed, for a barbell bench press. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the gradualness of such training, because you cannot immediately try to work with a large load. However, it’s also not worth staying long at the same level if you want to increase the weight. Only this should be done gradually. Otherwise, you can overtrain any of the involved muscles.

Muscles: bench press in Hammer

First of all, you need to work with your hands, and the main muscles involved here are the triceps and the ulna. Since arm flexing occurs after the press, both the biceps and the rotational shoulder muscles work.

Both the back and its widest muscle, and the chest, the coraco-humeral muscle, the pectoralis major muscle, and the anterior bundle of the deltoid muscle will be loaded. In the area of ​​the scapula, the work of the anterior gear muscle, the pectoralis major muscle, and the lower bundle of the trapezius muscle are felt.

How to do bench press in the simulator – equipment

First you need to take the correct starting position. More precisely – choose one of the two. It depends on the configuration of the bench itself, and on how you feel comfortable. The legs should be bent at the knee joints, but you can put them on the floor or on the bench itself. As for the rest of the body, everything is the same: it is necessary to lie on the bench, straightening the spine, the handle should be raised so that they are slightly higher than the chest.

Now we begin to straighten the arms and lift the arms up. Then we omit and pause. It should be done not at the lowest point, but somewhat ahead of time, so that muscle tension can be felt. After this exercise is repeated.

The Hammer simulator allows you to vary the load in sufficient limits to make it easier for the trainee to move.

The number of approaches and repetitions
With a single repetition from such an exercise, you will not feel the effect. Therefore, it is necessary to do – as far as possible – at least up to 10 repetitions. If it does not work out even with a small load, it is better to start with three to five repetitions, increasing their number. The number of possible approaches prompts the instructor. If each approach consists of three repetitions, then there may be more approaches than with a large number of repetitions. But such a scheme is developed by a specialist individually.

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