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Pomelo is not a hybrid and not a product of genetic engineering, as many think. It is the largest citrus with many health benefits.

A huge citrus miracle – pomes can be found on supermarket shelves. A juicy pomelo is a great option for a healthy vitamin snack, an interesting salad addition or dessert for those on a diet.

1. Pomelo is not a hybrid and not a product of genetic engineering, as many think. This is the largest citrus! It grows on trees up to 15 meters high and native to Southeast Asia and China. Today, five varieties of pomelo are cultivated, four with pale yellow pulp and one with pink, aromatic and tasty.

2. It is believed that the larger the fruit, the juicier the pulp. Therefore, choose fruits weighing one kilogram or more.

3. The calorie content of pomelo is only 38 kcal per 100 g, it is possible even for those who follow a diet. Those who suffer from increased acidity of the stomach need to use the fruit with caution.

4. Pomelo is 85% water and vitamins. For example, 200 g of pulp contains almost a daily intake of vitamin C, which is necessary to support immunity in the winter.

5. This citrus contains a lot of vitamin E, which is also called the “vitamin of beauty” for its ability to influence the aging process, slowing it down.

6. The pomelo contains a fairly large amount of potassium, magnesium, vitamin B 3 , copper and iron. Potassium stabilizes the heart, magnesium helps to resist stress, improves the functioning of the nervous system and the quality of sleep, vitamin B 3 , strengthens the walls of blood vessels, copper and iron have a beneficial effect on the process of hematopoiesis.

7. Pink pomelo extract is often added to skin and hair care products. It has anti-aging and whitening properties, reduces pigmentation and also improves skin firmness. Vitamin B 1 and zinc contained in the fruit improve hair growth and prevent dandruff.

Healthy and tasty

Top 3 recipes with pomelo:

 Citrus salad with pomelo and pomegranate

Ingredients: 1 pomelo, 1 pink grapefruit, 2 oranges, fresh basil.

How to cook: Peel citrus fruits and “white” films. Chop coarsely and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and basil leaves.

  Asian salad with squid, pepper and pomelo

Ingredients: 3 peeled squid, 1 chili pepper without seeds, 1/2 bunch each fresh cilantro and mint leaves, 1 garlic clove, 3 shallots, 1 pomelo, ½ lime juice, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tsp … brown sugar, salt.

How to prepare: For dressing: Grind chili, garlic, sugar, a pinch of salt, lime juice and soy sauce into a smooth paste. Blanch the squids in salt water for 30 seconds-1 minute. Peel the pomelo from the “films”, break it into large pieces, add to it the squid, cut into pieces, and the chili dressing. Stir all ingredients. Put on plates.

  Sorbet from pomelo

Ingredients: juice of 1 lime, 2 tsp. chopped fresh mint leaves, 2 pomelo, 2 tbsp. l. sugar, 2 tbsp. l sugar syrup, 1 tsp. vanilla syrup.

How to cook: Peel the pomelo from the “films”, put the peeled pieces in a bowl, add mint, sugar and lime juice. Leave it on for 30 minutes, then drain the juice. Grind the pomelo pulp in a blender, add juice, sugar and vanilla syrup. Place the mixture in the freezer for an hour. Spread the finished sorbet over the bowls , garnish with mint leaves.

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