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Protein is a dietary supplement, the name of which is translated from English as “protein”. The biology textbook says that life is a form of the existence of protein bodies. For normal human life, eating food that contains protein is a necessity. With a long absence in the diet of protein foods, the human body begins to use the protein structures of its own muscles for its needs.

Protein is a constituent element not only of muscle tissue, but also of internal organs. Like all other cells, protein also require updating. If the food does not receive enough building material, the body removes amino acids (which are the constituent elements of protein) for use where it is most needed. Thus, the body loses muscle mass, weakens and receives many negative effects, which can also manifest in the form of diseases.

To avoid this, an ordinary person should regularly eat foods rich in protein. People who are engaged in bodybuilding and other power sports need to consume protein 2-3 times more than usual, otherwise any achievements will become impossible.

Types of protein

Since protein is contained in different products, protein powder, as an additive made from different raw materials, can also have different types:

Whey protein is the most common type of protein, which is produced by drying whey, a secondary milk processing product.

In turn, is divided into:

whey protein concentrate – has in its composition 60-70% protein;
Whey protein isolate – contains 80-90% protein;
whey protein hydrolyzate – characterized by very fast absorption – 20-30 minutes;
casein is the slowest-to-digest protein.
Egg protein is dried egg white in the form of a powder, which has the greatest nutritional value.

Vegetable protein – most often made from soybeans. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Often used by bodybuilders-vegetarians.

Meat protein is made from various types of animal meat. There is also fish protein, but both of these types of protein mixtures are not very common.

Different types of protein have different characteristics of speed and quality of processing and absorption by the digestive system. Whey protein (concentrate, isolate, hydrolyzate), for example, is absorbed most quickly, therefore it is recommended for use in the morning, before and after exercise, during. Casein – on the contrary – is absorbed for a long time, therefore it is used before bedtime and provides muscles with amino acids for a long time.

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