Push-ups for girls

By | February 11, 2019

Push-ups for girls: technology
Despite the prevalence of this exercise, it is related to a high level of complexity. There is no reason for the girls to immediately achieve high results if they take to perform first exactly push-ups. In order to exercise correctly, the body must be able to stabilize. And for this, corset or stabilizing muscles must be pumped, which will take the load off the spinal column. If these muscles are not sufficiently trained, you first need to do them, and then – push up from the floor. Otherwise, one cannot avoid either errors in the form of bending of the body, or too much load on the lower back.

Push-ups for girls are not just a way out to straightened arms from a prone position. This is a whole complex. The exercise starts from a standing position. It is necessary to bend down, get to the floor with your hands and from this position take the support lying down. Then wring out 2-3 times, after which leave again in an inclined position.

Muscles: push ups for girls

When pushing up work the muscles of the hands – rotational cuff of the shoulder, triceps, long head of the biceps. In the area of ​​the shoulder blades act the anterior gear muscle and the pectoralis minor. In the brachial region, loads are felt in the anterior bundle of the deltoid muscle, the clavicular bundle of the pectoralis major muscle, the coraco-brachial muscle. Naturally, all the muscles that stabilize the spine will also be tense. This is the work of the rectus abdominis muscle, the external oblique abdominal muscles, the internal oblique abdominal muscles, and the transverse abdominal muscles.

How to push the girls?

The first difficulty is to bend in half. Owners of long legs simply cannot do this, so it’s not necessary to try to reach the floor even with the tips of your fingers. You can initially become a “corner” and from it have to go to bedtime. The idea of ​​the exercise is to perform this bend, namely, to depict the “bridge structure”, which should not sag during pushups.

From such a “corner” one should start “striding” with palms forward, paying attention to the neutral position of the pelvis. When reaching the point of lying, the body should be straightened and only after that be wrung out. The transition from the prone position is done in the reverse order.

The complexity of this exercise is just aimed at keeping the stabilization of the spine in the resting position.

Pushups for girls

If it is not possible to stabilize the spine in the resting position, then it is possible to exclude the stage of push-ups at first from the process. It is the transition from a bent position to the bed rest, and then – the reverse transition – can be the initial variation of the exercise.

The number of repetitions and approaches
You can start with one approach, and the number of push-ups in it is 2-3 times.

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