Regarding strong drinks

By | August 22, 2019

You yourself understand that excessive libations will not bring anything good. The body is dehydrated and you lose muscle weight (muscle tissue, like most other human tissues ̆ contains significant ̆ percent of water)

However, many have heard or read about the benefits of beer. This is a fairly high- calorie ̆ drink, and in addition, it contains many useful substances.

Therefore, a bottle of beer a day, I think, will not do any harm to you, but even, on the contrary, will do good.

I think that it is worth paying attention to another drink – coffee. Again, there are disagreements about its use before classes.

The opinion of some is that, having received a dose of caffeine, the body will begin to work more actively, which allows you to train longer or lift large weights.

Others, not without reason, believe that a cup of coffee gives energy to the body, the heart begins to work faster. At the same time, while training, a person gives an additional load on the body, the heart begins to beat faster, etc.

Together, caffeine and physical work are too exciting the cardiovascular system, which is fraught with undesirable consequences.

Comparing both opinions, we can come to the following: if you need to show the best ̆ result, give everything “one hundred percent” (at competitions, for example), then it’s not a sin to use coffee as a dope, but to drink daily before training ̆ is highly undesirable.

And as an alternative, not only coffee, but even anabolic substances can act …. natural ̆ honey . It contains not only vitamins and minerals, but also in a significant amount of a substance identical to those found in some chemical preparations, but unlike the latter, honey will bring you nothing but benefit. Therefore, if you want to work out well, dilute two or three tablespoons of honey in a glass of water and drink shortly before training or dilute in a liter of water and drink during classes – as you prefer.

But in general, whether you exercise or not, eat more fruits. With the modern rhythm of life, vitamin support is simply necessary. And if you can’t regularly eat apples, oranges, etc., buy multivitamins. You will increase strength, improve mood, sleep and, accordingly, progress in sports will be more noticeable. But do not overdo it – an excess of vitamins can even harm, so do not take the trouble to study the instructions for use of a particular vitamin complex.

Eat more grapes. It will help not only to do longer, but also support the heart. Unfortunately, the period of its consumption is limited by the shelf life.

In addition to all of the above, I must … no, I must tell you about iodine three times . Vitamins are vitamins, and without a sufficient amount of iodine in the body, the thyroid gland (it acts as a kind of metabolic regulator) will not fulfill its full function, which is undesirable for any person, and even more so for an athlete.

During the Soviet Union, iodized salt was often added to bread, so the “Soviet nation” was healthier ̆. Although the factor of radiation pollution and food quality cannot be discarded either …

So, a pack of iodized ̆ salt instead of the usual ̆ is affordable for everyone.

Some do not like the specific ̆ smell. I do not know. Personally, I did not notice any unusual smell. Many Iodine is found in seafood – fish, morskoi ̆ cabbage, etc. And if you want to -. Buy at the pharmacy Kako ̆- a yodsoderzhaschii ̆ drug to accurately dispense the daily norm.

And more about a set of muscle ̆ mass. In this case, you will be helped by baby food such as “Kid.” It contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, and the Femilak , Diet-15 and some others mixtures also contain a lot (up to 40%) of protein.

And finally.

If you ever decided to stop training for a while then reduce the number of upotreblyaemoi ̆ your food: there you will be out of habit as much as before, but without the usual loads of calories will not go in myshechnyi ̆ weight, but … right . And body fat you do not need. Therefore, either ” throw ” gradually, and not immediately, or eat less until you enter a rut. Better yet, don’t quit classes. According extremely ̆ as ever.

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