Replacement simulators basic exercises with a barbell

By | November 2, 2019

Well, here we come to one of the main secrets – which exercises give results, and which do not.

For some, this may not be a secret. But in 10 years I have tried everything that is possible and everything that is impossible and I can say with confidence that there are not so many exercises that give results, namely, increase muscle mass. And they are as simple as felt boots:

So, by muscle groups:

• Basic exercises on the chest: – Bench press on a horizontal bench, – Bench press on an inclined bench (head above), – Push-ups on parallel bars.

As you can see, there are no trainers or dumbbells, because now you do not need them! They did not give me any result! And you will not need it in the near future.

• Basic exercises on the back:

– Pullups,

– Deadlift,

– Standing rod pull.

If you do these exercises correctly, your back will become much more powerful in a month!

• Basic exercises on the legs: – Squats, – Lifting the calf while sitting in the simulator.

Learn to do squats correctly and do not be lazy to do them every week. Yes it’s hard, yes it’s difficult, often just laziness, but you have to overcome yourself.

Without squats, overall muscle growth will not be so noticeable.

• Basic exercises on hand: – The rise of the bar on the bicep, – Narrow bench press bar lying triceps – Fitness machine standing on the triceps.

• Basic exercises shoulders: – Lifting rod standing for the head – Lifting rod standing with chest – Wiring dumbbells in hand.

• basic abdominal exercises: – Raising the legs on the bars, – Twisting simulator. A lot of newcomers replace the bar with some simulators, but this is absolutely not right! If you want muscle growth – do it only with a barbell, remember this! I can’t describe in words the correct technique for performing all the basic exercises, but you can watch a special video course “How to quickly build muscle for thin guys and beginners of bodybuilding. A step-by-step program to the result: +5 kg of muscle in 2 months! ” , Which we wrote for the readers of this book with my trainer Vladimir.

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