Safety and bench press

By | October 22, 2018

As with any other physical exertion, a corresponding reliable insurance is necessary when lying on the bench. For these purposes, a training partner or a trainer who will monitor your progress and will be ready to help in the most unforeseen situation may come up.

The number of assistants required for insurance may vary. For example, three people can safely secure in case you need to help lift the barbell for the athlete, with two people should be placed at the edges, and the third to hold the bar. But you can do with one assistant, who will help to remove the bar from the racks and return it in place, as well as monitor the symmetry of the projectile and the condition of the athlete as a whole. The main thing is that the bodybuilder and assistant initially agree on how many repetitions of the exercises are planned.

If it is not possible to attach the insurer to the exercise, then it is necessary to use limiters to avoid possible injuries.

Starting the exercise without the insurer, you need to remember to remove the locks that hold the pancakes, so that if the barbell cannot be returned to the racks, you can get rid of the load yourself. In other cases, the locks should be securely fastened so that the discs do not move during the exercise, besides the discs should be placed on the fretboard in the same sequence on both sides.

You should also pay attention to what type of grip (open or closed) the athlete holds the neck. Since the closed grip, in which the thumb envelops the fingerboard in the front, is safer than the open one when the thumb is behind the fingerboard, it is recommended to use the first one when performing the exercises.

To protect against slipping from the bench or sliding the neck in your hands, you must use a special drying powder – magnesia, which will increase the reliability of the grip. It is better to rewind wrists with special elastic bandages, which reduce pain when pressing. To strengthen the lower back are special leather belts, which should be worn with a wide part of the stomach, so as not to interfere with the deflection of the lower back during a set. Special T-shirts, which are an integral part of the equipment of professional athletes when lifting a lot of weight, can serve as a shock absorber for beginners.

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