Scheme of classes: 4 sets of 8 repetitions.

By | November 6, 2019

A very big mistake of many beginners and inexperienced jocks. For some reason, everywhere on the Internet it is written about the fact that in order for the muscles to grow, it is necessary to do exactly 8 repetitions. Well, I did just that, and I saw others doing 8 reps too. I don’t know how others do, but for me personally, from 8 repetitions, the muscles did not grow at all. Strength increased. For example, there was a time when I did a chest press of 100 kg in 8 repetitions. I kept looking in the mirror and thinking what the hell, I started with 50 kg, reached 100 kg, but my muscles didn’t grow … the relief changed a bit and that’s it.

10 years of suffering through personal practice proved 100% that 8 repetitions is clearly not a mass, but a force.

Want your muscles to start growing – do 12 reps! Not 8, not 9, not 15, but 12!

That is exactly what I began to do after meeting Volodka, and it turned out to be a really working figure, which began to bring me the desired result.

One exception to this rule is squats and deadlifts. These exercises must be done in 10 repetitions, because they are the most difficult.

So, reduce the weight of the barbell, dumbbell and forget those results when you did 8 repetitions or even less.

But it happens that you can’t always do 8 . I would like to hang more pancakes on the bar, but how about it – you have to show everyone in the hall that you are a “roll” and you can reap big weights … Forget it! Our goal is to build muscle. And quickly. Therefore, weigh light weight and do 4 sets of 12 reps. 4 – this is with a working weight. Before this, of course, there should be a warm-up approach with an empty bar or with light dumbbells, depending on what you are doing.

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