Shorts and T-shirt.

By | November 10, 2019

Still, they dress in the hall like that, aren’t they? All, but not those who know what clothes help muscle growth, and not for beauty or convenience.

I explain: it is necessary to engage in sweatpants and a sweater, also athletic, of course. So it will be hot – you say, and you will be right. It’s hot for the muscles – it’s very good and healthy! In warm clothes, the muscles are always warmed up, they just do not have time to cool down, which means that you can do more repetitions! And, which is also important, there is much less risk of getting any kind of injury or sprain.

And if the condo works in the hall or the windows are open, then this is a direct road to colds. Here you must immediately change the shorts and a light shirt for a free, but warm sweater and pants. You don’t want to get sick? Any disease rolls you back a month ago in the development of muscles!

So take 300 rubles and go to an inexpensive sports store and buy yourself the cheapest free pants and sweatshirt. The appearance in the simulator is not particularly important, especially for us, who have not yet pumped up droves.

Do not forget to wash your clothes after each workout, and when it breaks from you, it is very unpleasant for others. Let us respect those who are close to us.

And do not worry that some exercises will be inconvenient to perform. For example, squats in pants. It’s okay, I thought so too, until I tried it. There are no inconveniences. There are only real benefits for the development of muscles and protection against colds. Personally verified!

In winter and summer – put on warm clothes in the hall!

The beginning of a workout is a run on a track or “riding” on a bicycle simulator.

About half of those who enter the gym begin their training with treadmills or exercise bikes. I admit, and I once did the same thing. What I really regret now.

And here’s why: all these cardio simulators reduce your muscles! Those. you are losing weight while running or pedaling. And do not gain weight. Remember what I said about sports, the same garbage here.

We do not need them, thin rolls, these exercise bikes! Do not go to the part of the hall where the treadmills are. They help only lose weight, even if it is not overweight. Tested on my own bitter experience.

We came to the hall, did a little warm-up to warm up and immediately to the bar. And no other way.

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