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You know the words “broad at the shoulders”? These are the words that often characterize strong, well-built people. Do you want to become one of them? Then here are exercises that can develop your shoulders.

Exercise 1

This exercise develops to a greater extent перед the front and middle parts (it is not recommended to perform it with outsiders – they may misunderstand).

Put the wrist of your left hand on the inside of the elbow joint of the right, and then bend your right hand, as if showing someone the same movement. Now raise your right hand up (without straightening before sobo) so that the elbow appeared as high as possible. Left create resistance to raising the right hands with an effort at which you can do eight to twelve lifts.

Repeat the same thing, changing hands.

Exercise 2

Develops the back and middle parts.

The left hand is lowered down, along the body of the Right grab the wrist (or slightly higher) of the left  hand and raise the left hand up, moving to the side and bending at the elbow. The resistance created by the right arms (pull down) should be enough to complete 8-12 lifts.

Repeat the same thing, changing the position of the hands to the opposite.

I advise you to perform each exercise 4-6 times.


What do women dream about? About strong male hands. What do they usually brag about to their friends, wanting to show their strength? Hands. More precisely, biceps, although triceps, similarly developed, are not inferior to them in force. Getting started?

Exercise I

The right hand is lowered, the left is put on the wrist by the wrist (grasp the wrist, put your palm on the palm of your hand – as you wish). Well, now bend your right hand at the elbow, resisting the left ̆. Return to starting position.

Repeat the movement 10-12 times, and then repeat the same thing, changing the position of the hands to the opposite (left lowered, right top).

exercise 2

This exercise is the opposite of the first. The right hand is bent at the elbow, the left is placed on the wrist by the wrist, but not from above, but from below. Straighten your right hand, opposing eu left. Return to original position. Repeat 10-12 times for each hand. In these two exercises when doing one

actions , except for the originally conceived (in the first – biceps, in the second – triceps), muscles that are opposite in purpose are also trained (respectively, in the first – triceps, in the second – biceps). That is, performing one movement, you train not one, but two muscles – one in more, the other in less меньше degree. I recommend doing five to six approaches.

Exercise 3

Now about the muscles that rotate the hand. Everything is extremely simple here – the actions are constructed in the same way as in the previous exercises. Grasp brush odnoi hand brush drugoi and rotate , bend to the side, resisting odnoi ands to the action of others and vice versa.

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