Spirulina, what is it and why is it needed

By | July 16, 2020

One of the most popular nutritional supplements is spirulina . It belongs to the genus of cyanobacteria , blue-green algae . By interacting with the sun, this type of plant can generate energy . It develops well in fresh and salt waters .

The use of the substance was resorted to in the fourteenth century .

The product has gained real popularity in modern times .

Its use in the form of powder in a home environment .

Many useful substances in the composition positively affect the state of the body. With posobstvuet improved the brain . Spirulina has a rich composition of vitamins and minerals.

Features of the composition and for what use spirulina

  •                                 Protein Spirulina contains 2 times more protein than in meat, and 3 times than in legumes. It is a valuable product for vegetarians and athletes. The protein contained in spirulina is digested identically to the egg.
  •                                 Carbohydrates
  •                                 Nucleic acids – molecules involved in the synthesis of DNA and RNA.
  •                                 Vitamins and Minerals:

B vitamins : Important for transporting fats and carbohydrates. For the normal functioning of the liver, heart and nervous system. With a deficiency of vitamins: a person feels lethargic, poor mood, back pain is possible, muscles become numb, skin becomes pale, lack of appetite. This seaweed is a real storehouse of vitamin B12, a tablespoon contains 60% of the daily intake.

Beta-carotene – Essential for eyes and skin. For the normal functioning of the immune system (it is 25 times more than in carrots).

Iron – prevents the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia.

Ficocyan is a unique antitumor substance that inhibits the development of tumors and metastases. Prevents the appearance of cataracts.

Vitamins K1 and K2 – participate in the processes of blood coagulation, strengthening bones.

Magnesium – Prevents muscle cramps and heart rhythm disturbances.

Zinc – “responsible” for the condition of the skin, immune system, memory.

Calcium is needed for bones, skeleton muscles and heart muscle.

Folic acid is essential for the nervous system and normal development of the fetus.

Gamma-linolenic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect.

These components are a significant number in percentage terms .

But they are not the only ones, spirulina has a rich composition

The beneficial properties of spirulina

The product allows you to cope with a large number of problems, for example :

  •                                 Restores immunity and spent force at the time of disease .
  •                                 Makes skin healthy , hair thicker. N Prevents the appearance of acne .
  •                                 Improves energy reserves of the body , makes it more resistant , hardy.
  •                                 Normalizes the stable functioning of the intestine – is a prebiotic . It causes the growth of beneficial microflora kishechnika.Privodit in order of performance of sugar , cholesterol. In restores metabolic processes. Scientific research in 2014 led to the conclusion that consuming 1 g of algae per day for 12 weeks can lower total cholesterol by 16%.
  •                                 Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – neutralize oxidative damage caused by free radicals . Stress also provokes the occurrence of oxidative reactions that lead to cell destruction. A similar phenomenon causes the onset of cancer and other diseases. This algae helps prevent such processes.
  •                                 Reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis – inflammation of the nasal passages . The reaction is caused by dust , coat and other irritants .

The use of 2 grams per day allows you to solve this problem , eliminate itching in the nose .

  •                                 Detoxification – has a cleansing effect on the body, removes heavy metals, arsenic.
  •                                 Protects the brain – prevents the occurrence of amyloid plaques.
  •                                 It improves the condition after and during chemotherapy and radiation exposure.
  •                                 Bringing blood pressure back to normal. High blood pressure adversely affects a person’s condition. Causes the development of chronic diseases. Spirulina solves this problem. It is enough to consume it daily at least 4.5 grams. Such a norm of the powder increases the level of nitric oxide, promotes the expansion of blood vessels.
  •                                 Spirulina is used for anemia (a possible cause of constant fatigue and weakness). Helps people with low levels of iron and hemoglobin in the blood. According to the results of the study, daily intake will help to stabilize indicators and remove related symptoms .
  •                                 Normalizes the level of sugar in the blood. Animal experiments were performed that showed that spirulina lowers blood sugar. After two months of daily use in the amount of two grams, the indicators decreased by one percent.

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